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Great job on the new update but..

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  • Great job on the new update but..

    Thanks for the great update guys. It's nice to see some spiffy new things working and getting more kills/towers as the carry. There are still however some things that need to be addressed(aren't there always?).

    1. The only missing reports I've heard are, "Missing top" or "Top missing". I haven't really heard calls from the bottom nor the mid-lane. Although I do find it strange they say it instead of "type" it. Since they say, pushing mid or doing roshan. I'd guess it'd make more sense if it also appeared on text.

    2. Juggernaut and Sniper are still the most annoying last hitters there are. And yes they are the carries, no doubt about that. But they're usually not as well farmed as the human player(especially in a solo game, i.e. 1 Human + 4 bots vs 5 bots). Would it be possible to change their logic a little bit to recognise the presence of a human player playing a carry hero that is significantly better farmed than they are(levels, items, gold spent/earned), and then allow the human player the last hit on the tower or creeps? Of course it's a little bit complicated, but if I were playing a pub game as sniper and there was a riki or clinkz or fv or n'aix on my team, I'd hold off on kills and give them lanes(even though I need the farm) because I recognise that they are bigger carries than I am.

    3. Bots still do silly things like attack or stay near the action when they're below half hp and then get owned by whomever. This happens with friendlies AS WELL AS the enemy. There have been numerous occasions when I thought I lost a kill, only to have a 1/3 hp hero re-appear in the lane SOLO. Which I then proceed to finish the job on. With friendlies, they sometimes linger around even when the enemy team has a Zeus bot and then proceed to die to a massive ultra kill.
    I guess they need the desire to fight on when the odds favour them, even if they have 10hp, but their calculations show that they can kill another hero with little chance of dying, but also the desire to run away when the going gets tough. Perhaps only renew the attack if the human player pings them to do it.

    It's a little infuriating seeing how you put a hero down so much. Like playing as a strong lane controller like Viper or Venomancer and dominate the mid-lane hero. Zeus or Tiny. Make them die like 5-10 times during the laning phase, only to have them get fed off your team and get big 4-10 kill streaks when you've been making them look like cannon fodder.

    4. Enemy bots cluster the mid-lane and get even more under-farmed and under-levelled when you've been owning their mid-lane hero. There was a game I played as Huskar and just dominated Lina mid-lane, and around the time I turned level 10, or after my 7th kill on Lina. I suddenly see the entire enemy team, including a level 3 Tidehunter cluster behind the tier 1 mid tower. They don't attempt to gank me, at least if I stay on my side of the river. And just feed off the 3-4 creeps that survive the wave and myself. All this happens as my 4 allied bots get free farm on the top and bottom towers. They sometimes disappear, but come right back when you get aggressive. And the only way to make them disappear as far as I have tried is to go to top/bottom and push the lane and then they all tp there. So then I walk back, and they're back. Up until they kill someone.

    And that's it for now, but those are the issues I've seen or am still seeing with the latest patch but again great job! I especially like the new shop graphics and UI interface!

    edit: I forgot to give good mention to the button that makes the courier takes your items from the stash and deliver it right to you. Awesome!
    edit 2;

    5. When the enemy has already raxed one of our lanes, allied bots like sniper and juggernaut should not still be attempting to last hit/deny creeps and just sit and around and wait, they ought to be actively pushing back the bigger/mega creeps. While we're on the subject of getting pushed to rax, friendly bots should also NOT be heading out solo on god-knows-what errand only to get ganked 1v5. Thus putting the defenders at a major disadvantage.

    6. When the enemy is clearly missing from the whole map and not dead. And the only logical conclusion left is that they're at roshan. Pinging roshan should move the entire friendly bot team to roshan in an attempt to either steal the aegis or kill the enemy heroes.

    7. Although bots no longer use the courier for every little thing. Perhaps it can be tweaked further by making their logic not use the speed boost all the time. Something like, if they're within 5000 distance of the fountain(I believe that's somewhere around tier 2 towers), they just have the courier deliver the items so that the hero that's really far out, say near the enemy base can get their items with the speed boost.
    Last edited by articulate; 04-27-2012, 11:32 AM.

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    I also would like #6 to happen. I have experience this quite a few times and tried pinging roshan so that we can kill enemy heroes, but friendly bots would just ignore the ping.


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      8. Earthshaker bot needs a lesson in Fissure casting. Most of the time the bot just casts it randomly and 90% of the time, blocks the path COMPLETELY for most heroes allowing the enemy hero to escape.