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Bot reflexes

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  • Bot reflexes

    I feel like bots should have implemented "human" 0.1-0.2 second reflex time.

    Playing solo ganger/initiator is impossible. For example when you play hero with invisibility skill, lets say bounty hunter, when you break invisibility you dont have the time to recast shadow walk becouse you are stunned instantly. That results in really stupid death when you think you can harrass/take easy kills on unaware bots. Same happens when you blink initiate, you dont get the time to cast any big ultimate, not even those with really fast animation (dream coil, echo slam)
    Of course there is shift queueing but we are talking about bots here and that's not very newbie friendly...

    Also: Bots _always_ dodge mirana's arrow, even when you cast it from fog of war. Making her somewhat useless without someone stunning first.


  • #2
    I agree with blinking and not being able to cast skills, I usually get disabled immediately after blinking. And even shift-queueing, you can't use it all the time. Usually by the time you set up the combo, the enemy has moved on already and you end up not doing maximum effect. And if you wait, then you're not much of an initiator. But as far as breaking invis is concerned, I've never really had much of an issue, not really sure why either.

    As for bots always dodging arrow. I don't know. Sometimes they dodge my arrow even when I shoot from fog, sometimes they get hit by the arrow when I shoot in plain sight as they are running away. Same goes for Pudge's hook. But the arrow moves so slow anyway that I don't think it's really an issue to dodge. I mean if it comes right out of trees and less than 200 distance away is the enemy hero, and the bot dodges. We have a problem. But if it's coming down the line of a clear path or even out of the forest but still has like 500 distance to go, I don't think it's that hard to dodge it.

    I say that because I have on many occasions gotten first blood or whatever kill from ganking top/btm during the laning phase by initiating with arrow from jungle.


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      They implemented a delay on easier difficulties (See sticky), but maybe it's not enough or it should be more if they are "surprised".
      Personally I think it's fine.


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        Originally posted by ScepticMatt View Post
        They implemented a delay on easier difficulties (See sticky), but maybe it's not enough or it should be more if they are "surprised".
        Personally I think it's fine.
        Yes, this is already implemented:
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