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  • Quick Suggestions

    If any of these have been mentioned and commented to be updated, just ignore. Just going to list all that I have found so far.

    1. Bots suicide towers until they are destroyed no matter how long it takes or how many deaths they feed.
    2. Supports should buy wards/dust/courier.
    3. They rarely ever follow through with their announcements of roaming/ganking/roshan. Seems to be only pushing and defending.
    4. The bots should learn to feed the carry the kills when it is safe to do so. However, this is a skill that you rarely ever seen in pubs either. So I'm not sure where it stands.
    5. The lag at the begininng because the AI picks heroes and buys items all at the same time.

    Some features that I'm sure are on the table for development.

    1. Give commands to the AI. Push/Defend/Gank/Roshan
    2. Call missing. Wards would help here.
    3. Pinging a target hero or tower or lane or roshan could also be a command that says push or gank. Not sure if that is worthwhile for coding, but it's a thought.

  • #2
    1. Yup should be better next update.
    2. Supports should be buying dust currently if they notice an enemy that has the ability to go invisible. They'll buy couriers next update. Buying/placing wards is on my list.
    3. They should abort roams/ganks less next update. In particular they shouldn't try to roam as much to the middle lane, since that's harder to do successfully.
    4. On my list, probably kind of low priority since it's often a tough judgement call.
    5. That'll get fixed eventually.

    1. Actually your #3 is implemented right now. It's not "commands" so much as "suggestions" (basically giving a significant bonus to their internal decision weighing), but hopefully they're fairly responsive. Obviously we can tune/improve this in the future.
    2. Good idea, adding to my list.

    Thanks for the feedback!


    • #3
      2. Supports should be buying dust currently if they notice an enemy that has the ability to go invisible. They'll buy couriers next update. Buying/placing wards is on my list.
      Since you mentioned that they'll buy couriers on the next update, I assume the buying dust for invisible heroes should already be active.

      Well I played a game yesterday as Riki, and I've never once been noticed while I was stealthing around their entire team. Or do they only start buying this at the very end game or something? Either way, they never did anything/noticed me while I was stealthing from level 6 all the way to mid game where T2 towers were down and they were constantly grouped, as well as end game when I was sitting around their Rax.