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Bots all getting stuck at middle river

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  • Bots all getting stuck at middle river

    I just played a bot game with some friends and in the game ALL the enemy bots grouped up in the middle lane, in the river. They all stood there as close as possible together. If a creep came into attack range they'd attack it, but otherwise wouldn't respond to anything. If I attacked them they all seemed to respond, but until that happened they seemed glitched.

    Match ID: 13587958. Sorry, I don't remember the times (it happened at least twice).

  • #2
    Confirm seeing the same thing


    I was play with Bot Unfair
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    • #3
      I've also seen them stuck like this near bottom rune spot.
      Sorry for my bad English.


      • #4
        I see this also in nearly every bot game since the latest update. Sometimes they keep standing there even while I am destroying their base all alone.


        • #5
          Saw this yesterday also.


          • #6
            Saw this happened to Normal bots. I only see this happening to my ally bots, never seen it happen to enemies yet.


            • #7
              Here are some dump pics for Chris.



              • #8
                From what I noticed with the dota_bot_client_debug_flag they usually get stuck on a waypoint during the Team Attack phase.
                Also confirmed - since the last major patch (or the last 2 test patches) that include the bot changes
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                Why maphacks won't work in D2: here


                • #9
                  I have seen this happen to both allied and enemy bots AT THE SAME TIME.

                  it was quite funny but annoying non the less


                  • #10
                    I too have seen this happen, on multiple occasions while playing Broodmother. I only got a screenshot of it from the middle lane, but if I recall correctly, it also happened at some point on top lane.

                    While this was happening, three bots of my own team also got stuck, pacing behind their own barracks of the middle lane. They didn't move away until the enemy bots did.
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                      Good info, I'll take a look, thanks.