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Sniper and Tiny bots are too strong compared to other bots

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  • Sniper and Tiny bots are too strong compared to other bots

    I just played a bunch of bot games with some friends, and I've realized the Sniper and Tiny bots are on another level when compared to their bot teammates (and opponents). All games were played on normal.

    First off, Tiny. The other bots can't seem to deal with him, and his reaction times are a little insane. The other bots don't seem to understand how much damage he can do, so they come to help at > 400 life and just get owned. Speaking of his combo, does he ever miss it (avalanche + toss = 2x avalanche damage)? He was in team games and in *every* teamfight with creeps and 10 heroes around he managed to toss a specific hero.

    Sniper is a god in the lane. He denies far too well for normal mode IMO. He finished one game with 85 denies. That's a little insane. I can see that for Unfair, but Normal? Regardless, he farms too well compared to other bots. If a player is new or inexperienced and they don't have Sniper on their team I think they'll lose (obviously experienced players can still win).

    It would be nice if all bots were as useful as Tiny and Sniper. The CM bot is a joke, and the Vengeful Bot tends to feed.

  • #2
    Sniper are kinda weak if not fed, so take him down early.


    • #3
      Sven bot also scale pretty well in the late game. Usually bots will pick a carry on each side (Juggernaut or Sniper) and the rest will choose support (An exception is if you choose Sniper/Juggernaut/Anti-mage, in which case the rest of the ally bots will just choose support). Lets say the enemy team chose Sven, the enemy bots will tend to dominate your ally bots late game (Sven and enemy carry will kill off most of your ally bots), unless you really suppress them during early game.


      • #4
        I only have this problem with bane


        • #5
          I think in general bot deny to well at normal. Bane and sniper in particular are a pain to lane against. Same with their AI Bane has great AI and whichever team gets him has a good chance of winning add sven to same team and GG unless you kill em a ton in early/mid. I suppose a lot of these issues will fix themselves with more AI heroes but the denying part on normal could use a little tuning down.


          • #6
            for me, I'm having issues with bane and zeus, but mainly zeus. He kill steals everything and I mean everything. He uses Ult and gets a kill even when they don't have vision of you (say in the jungle).
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