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AI fails to defend the Ancients (Ironically)

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  • AI fails to defend the Ancients (Ironically)

    The AI does a reasonable job of defending the rax towers but seems to almost completely ignore defending the Ancient. I was playing last night and my team had lost both of the rax on our bottom lane and creeps kept coming in from the bottom to attack the Ancient, I tried pinging the Ancient to tell the AI to go defend it but they decided they'd rather not, so I was forced to do it myself.

    I ended up exploiting this fact to win the game, the enemy AI was busy pushing our top lane while I merrily hacked away at their Ancient uncontested .

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    This is heavy. Not defending what you are foremost supposed to defend in order to win the game.
    Needs to be fixed ASAP.
    Originally posted by vodyara
    Please do not let this turn into TF2, the TF2 trading community is absolutely cancerous. They do not care about the game, they just want items.
    Some of my (awesome) suggestions :
    - Left4Dead/Portal 2 style voice command
    - Music Transitions depending on area and time
    - Show full item recipe tree without opening shop menu


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      Originally posted by DocMcBrown View Post
      This is heavy. Not defending what you are foremost supposed to defend in order to win the game.
      Needs to be fixed ASAP.


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        Did some work to make them care more about defending the ancient to (even minor) attacks. Should be a bit better in the next bot update.


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          Hmm just tested it with a friend the AI still doesnt really care about defending it, and rather then pushing now they just stay put behind the ancient and wait till it dies, and its kinda weird . they only come out if a hero goes close enough for them to gang him/her.


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            The AI are still behaving weirdly. They're very aggressive when pushing.
            Still okay while defending lane towers, but when it comes to anything in base, they'll just stand behind and let enemy destroy towers and barracks.
            Same goes for towers at Ancient and the Ancient itself.
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              Keep in mind there hasn't been a bot update in almost two weeks -- we didn't update the bot code last week. We'll have a sizable update tomorrow (Thursday).


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                Looking forward to the update
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                  having similar issues with bots neglecting to defend the tree of life.
                  i had 3 bots (1 dead) pushing with me in a separate lane, while creeps attacked the tree to 0.


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                    After raxed, they completely ignore what's happeing.

                    But the worst thing is when they are simply around the attacked ancient and still they simply "stare"...look at those pictures, at which Lina is in that situation:






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                      Ah, I know what that is -- they're waiting for friends to show up before going in to defend, but they don't need to do that if there are just creeps nearby, and they should really worry less about that when defending the base. Thanks for the info and screenshots!


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                        Bots still don't know what a raxed lane means. Even when voice says "your ancient is being attacked", they do nothing. Using ping at ancient doesn't help neither.

                        Furthermore, make them go inner in the fountain area and stay there still there's no creep around the fountain, because fountain can kill creeps fast, but allied enemies insist to fight them in front of the fountain...

                        We really need a command to state some AI to stay and defend raxed lanes...currently, they completely ignore what's happening, and continue roaming by themselves and feeding the 4-5 heroes constant roaming group at enemy team.

                        PS: If possible, make bots try to "pull" enemy creeps onward (toward allied fountain) if there are no allied creep around, so enemy creeps stop attacking our tower and such allied hero doesn't get that much hurt.
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                        • #13
                          I've certainly seen bots defend many times -- do you have screenshots or more specific information about when they weren't doing the "right" thing? Being able to see the exact lane states, where the heroes are, what levels the heroes are, etc would be really helpful. The more specific information you can provide, the more likely we'll be able to fix the issue.

                          Currently bots don't know to pull all the way back into their fountain, but they should pull creeps onto themselves and retreat when defending.


                          • #14
                            I care a lot for AI version, as you may have noticed ChrisC, then I can easily provide those informations you want towards the most enjoyable AI possible.

                            However, it would be great if we could save replays from Practice games, pretty much what happens at Warcraft III. This way, instead of 5 consecutive screenshots (like I did for Lina not defending), I'd report 30 seconds interval in which it'd show what I'd like you to see.
                            I can use a screen capture program, but that would need a lot of work and would create very large files.

                            I know todays is wednesday...but is that possible to next update?
                            Forgive me if there's already a way to do that.