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AI Bug report #1 by Narlya

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  • AI Bug report #1 by Narlya

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This is my first game ever in DotA 2, as I've only acquired my key a few hours ago.

    Bug list:
    1. AI doesn't use Courier.(Probably intended in the current version)
      • AI doesn't seem to do anything other than buying the courier and upgrading it, also it doesn't seem to have the correct perefence in which to order, which hero buys the courier and which upgrades it.
    2. AI doesn't understand incoming damage values.
      • The AI stands still while it's being nuked by creeps at early wave levels in the game, specially if they believe the lane is empty.
    3. AI doesn't understand basic creep & tower aggro mechanics.
      • The AI doesn't move until his hero's health drops very low or loses sight of everything but the tower hitting it. It does the same with creeps aswell, it doesn't understand until it nears death.
    4. AI doesn't try to move when focused.
      • The AI doesn't seem to want to move when focused by enemy heroes when at low health(not in all cases though).
    5. AI's concept of the blink dagger is currently.(Use whenever off cool-down and enemies on sight)
      • I saw Tiny jump on 3 heroes at once just because he could and not because he would have achieved much out of it.

    Suggestion list:
    1. AI to realize basic map ping commands.
      • Add attack, defend, and gank commands to a few hotkeys, not just for AI commanding but for team voice commands too.
    2. I don't think they realize Roshan exists.
    3. Synchronizing their item builds.
    4. Maybe add a spell usage suggestion, for players to suggest spell usage for AI, such as suggesting on Mirana to use her ult at a specific moment.

    Note: This is my first post based on my first game, i have yet to discover if there is a way to find, view or upload the replay of that AI match.
    Note 2: I'll be editing this post to remove or add things i remember or see others have already pointed out.
    Config: (For bug reporting)
    Phenom II X3 720 (2.8 GHZ)
    Memory 6GB
    Video Radeon HD-4850 1 GB
    Resolution 1440X900

  • #2
    These are lots of things I noticed too, though I didn't get to writing my own post yet so instead I'll post here.

    The AI does seem to be a bit "dumb" right now. It doesn't listen to commands at all other than perhaps the Defend Tower if it's about to get attacked. I would love to see them atleast react to the pings I make, even when I ping an actual enemy and not just the general area in the fog where the enemy would be, they don't do anything.

    At the later stages of the game I pretty much have to 1v5 the enemy team, since the AI really sticks together nearly non stop once a few towers are down. The AI plays too passive aswell, 5 man to defend a single creepwave is kinda stupid. Same goes for my team, except I'm trying to roam around and ping orders but they do not listen.

    I'm glad they buy a courier now, wasn't implemented yet since I last played a game.
    Also in the game I played yesterday, our mid posted the "Roaming Top to gank." thing after not even being in his lane for a full minute. Seems pretty stupid too.

    As someone else mentioned at the release of the bots, once you reach a specific amount of health, the enemies seem to ignore you completely even when you attack them. I was playing Riki and reached level 21-25, at that point they didn't even bother to attack me and I could just freely kill them any way I wanted. I didn't have a look at how much HP I had, but it shouldn't be that much, unless this HP value is really low when they start treating you as a "tank" and ignoring you.

    My two cents.