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AI still kinda tunnelvisioning...

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  • AI still kinda tunnelvisioning...

    I had a case where Windrunner and Sven had Kunkka stunned to a fairly low health, but instead they saw this DELICIOUS TOWER which was just waiting to be pushed, thus letting Kunkka get away after the stun. They did get the tower pushed, though.

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    AI still focus too much on towers, I can confirm.
    Roam in your own zone or get kidnapped and clapped in your dome.


    • #3
      I can also confirm this. Unless the tower is within deny range they should almost always try and push the creeps to the tower before attacking it. If it is within deny range they should only try and attack it if they are close to the tower already and have a reasonable chance of survival (i.e. there is only one or two enemies nearby and the tower will not take more than about 3 hits to kill).


      • #4
        Still tuning this -- should continue to get better in the next bot update.


        • #5
          this is still a problem in my opinion. AI rushes too often through the creeps attacking a tower with around 1/4 hp while becoming hardly damaged. Even if enemy heroes appear they often go on pushing no matter if they will die.


          • #6
            yeah, happened something similar to me last bot game, i had 3 bot teamates attacking a tower while sven was defending it. The funniest part is that sven had his ult up with full life, and my team were all with 1/4 hp, and they didnt run from sven, otherwise, sven didnt tried to kill them, cuz he was waiting to deny the tower, right after they destroyed the tower, sven started to chse them, even stunning one of them


            • #7
              yea that's just what the threadtitle is saying, too much tunnelvision. If a bot wants to chase/gank a hero, they will go on and on and on, even if another hero would be a far closer/better target for em. Same for towers, if they wanna destroy it, they will go on and on and on, if they wanna deny it the same.

              One thing i noticed is that especially Tiny chases way too far into enemy creepwaves/towers etc just to get his Toss/Avalanche combo out. Most of the times he even does not get the kill (Toss misses often because of creeps attacking him) and then he dies.


              • #8
                There's a bug in the current version where bots aren't considering towers when chasing (will be fixed in the next update).

                Tiny does have some special code for the Avalanche/Toss combo, I'll check if that's contributing to chasing too far.


                • #9
                  Also, they seem to love veno wards. They will hit them for a long time even if they have 4 creeps on them.


                  • #10
                    Bots do not use ward of Observation, if possible please fix this.


                    • #11
                      although changelog says this is fixed i cannot see any improvement in a botgame. Tiny still chasing around the entire map to get his combo out. Enemy team always ganking/pushing with all 5 together, own teammember bots always go alone. Then enemy team ganks em with 5 and they always die => feed. Also the five enemys rush through creepwaves to backdoor/attack a tower. In my last botgame they attacked a tower with 70% hp. So it was not even close to get destroyed before. Lina is acting like a maniac, too. She always rushes to the enemys just to kill one of em with her spells. Often she dies right after this. If not she has no more mana but she is not healing it fully. She is leaving fountain very often with 40% mana etc.


                      • #12
                        I've been getting this too, for me it's usually Kunkka. He tried to solo dive an enemy tower with full-HP enemy heroes next to it only about 15 minutes in... I have no idea what he was trying to do, but strangely enough it didn't work!
                        Last edited by Esvandiary; 11-14-2011, 12:34 PM.


                        • #13
                          There are many things that can contribute to this behavior, some issues get addressed and others crop up -- basically there's a lot of things to consider when deciding whether to commit to an attack or bail out of an attack. There's currently an issue with bots towerdiving (note that this is different than the original report in this thread of tanking a tower) that I'm looking into, and I'm reworking the tower push logic so they shouldn't race past their own creeps unless they can very quickly kill the tower.

                          As to leaving the base at 40% mana, that would be best reported in a separate thread.