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Telling bots to change lane?

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  • Telling bots to change lane?

    So me and 2 friends were playing a bot game to try out some different heroes and we ran into an issue with the bots and the lanes they choose. One person picked a jungling enigma, another took morphling, and I took dark seer to try soloing the hard lane. So one bot went Zues and took mid and the other took vengeful spirit, so we assumed the vengeful would go and support morphling but instead the bot came top to support me as dark seer. Now this was kinda missing the point of this bot match since I was trying out dark seer as a solo hero but the bot would not let me take the lane solo and instead left the morphling to get shut down.

    So my suggestion is allowing users some way of influencing the bots lane choice. The point of bot games from my point of view is for practice when you don't want to play a real game but if they don't let you practice it can be frustrating.

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    Another issues:

    1-Bots do not change their lane choosing logic when the game isn't a 5x5, e.g. I tried to play a x1 as Tinker, the bot chose Windrunner and went top, ward, I mean, she think that she was playing a 5x5.

    2-Bots seem to like trash lanes composing. Sniper bot always go bot, when I go bot as a suport (warlock, lion, silencer, venge, etc) he change the lane and CM come bot. But when I choose a Carry and go bot (spectre, Void, Morph, Riki) he just stay in the lane and steal my farm.

    3-Bots dont choose the best solo hero when you have a jungler hero. I tried to play Furion on sentinel jungle. WR was the best choice to be on the solo lane, but when I arrived the first bot tower, she went top and ES went bot. In 5 min ES was 0/6, because he was soloing Sven+Venge.


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      A solution to this is to lane together before the game starts, so you are actualy standing on your lane together - and if your jungling friend will leave that lane ONCE the game starts(NOT SOONER!), the bots will stay together and your will be solo after he leaves
      Originally posted by vladhood
      boy im glad all these qualified and educated game designers have come to the forums to help dota 2 grow


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        Thanks for the tip Wilder, I'll give that a shot next time. I still think they should work on the bots laning tactics though.


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          I demand an option to tell bots where to lane. I want to practice solo hard lane, without friends, and this is kinda impossible. So much effort into professional dota, and almost nothing into casual by Valve. :/

          Then they wonder why they have a lot of players with such a bad attitude, and instead of providing tools for people to learn the game play before going out and ruin some else game, as there is no other option to learn particular roles, the devs go and try to invent some weird punishment system that doesn't work good either.

          Please, at least this. Give some flexibility with bots. This is my only training ground and It lack so much things in it.