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Please stop AI from taking runes....

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  • Please stop AI from taking runes....

    ... if I have a bottle. It gets frustrating in practice games when I want to test a hero solo mid. It is nearly impossible to get a rune and thus buying a bottle is a waste of money. Every 2 minutes, it feels like there are 4 AI bots (2 from each team) racing to the runes. If an allied AI and I are both walking to the same rune, he ALWAYS picks it up even if I have an empty bottle and he is a full health/mana CM.

    I know there was sort of a thread about this before and someone mentioned that they would work on AI not picking up the runes but I have not noticed a difference at all. Please, if there is some way to ping at a rune for the AI to just guard it or turn away if the human player has a bottle. At this point, a bottle with bots feels like a waste of 600 gold.

  • #2
    I've been 1000 units away from a rune, headed toward it... and then the AI just grabs it and does nothing with it.

    I think they should be able to detect if a human is walking toward the rune. This would at least help the situation.


    • #3
      There will be a significant decrease in bot desire to go for runes if a human teammate has a bottle in the next bot update.


      • #4
        Sweet! I will be testing that then for sure :P


        • #5
          If I may add, it would probably be beneficial if another condition was added: the bots detect if enemies are heading for/in the general direction of the rune and take it before them
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          • #6
            Also i want to add on that, they dont have to walk up to the rune to look at it, in the morning there are many locations where they can see it from higher grounds, if it isnt there they can just leave.

            Also if pinging runes is added, they could ping the rune to alert players if they have a bottle, or ask "Do you want it" and players can just reply yes or no.


            • #7
              What bothers me alot is when an AI has full life and take the regeneration rune, while we have half HP/MP and have bottle.

              It would be interesting if:

              - Ai warns he/she has spotted a rune, telling us its type.

              - If human players don't ping the rune location within 5 seconds after warning, they grab the rune.

              That would be practical because there's at least 3 seconds between spoting the rune and going toward it, hence, AI would only wait around 2 seconds while being right beside the rune until human players don't reply anything.

              If any enemy hero comes near (or already is near), they grab the rune at anyway.


              • #8
                There are more significant changes to bots and runes in the works, but for the next update I've further decreased their rune desire if a human teammate has a bottle, and lowered their desire for regen runes if they have a lot of health/mana.


                • #9
                  If you ping away from it, they'll walk towards the ping and you can grab the rune. Helps a bit, but I'm glad to see that some changes will be coming.


                  • #10
                    Originally posted by ChrisC View Post
                    There will be a significant decrease in bot desire to go for runes if a human teammate has a bottle in the next bot update.
                    Wonderful. Getting really annoying that your AI teammates are playing AGAINST you.