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A few bugs with bots that I have found in the past 2 weeks.

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  • A few bugs with bots that I have found in the past 2 weeks.

    First, I have tested this a couple of times, but linken sphere no longer blocks stuns from Earthshaker's Stuns (all of them), Sven's Storm hammer, or Lina's Light Strike Array. However it will block the damage these do. It will still block Vengeful Spirit's Magic Missile.

    A couple of other bugs that I have found on occation are:

    On occasion Sven will do x3 damage per auto attack, this only happens prior to level 6 however.

    Sven will use Storm Hammer for less than its mana cost and it will only cost half of its mana when used.

    Razer will occasionally hit x3 harder with his auto attacks after level 20. I have seen this happen on occasion with him on my team or against my team.

    Zeus will only use Thundergod's Wrath to last hit targets that he was not in combat to prior to them dropping low. (Kill stealing from other players but never killing the target he is after).

    Sniper's precision for last hitting creeps is beyond anything human like, he will only attack creeps if he can do the last hit and never before. This makes staying in a lane with or against him far from enjoyable for both new and experienced and forces the player to push him out of lane or leave the lane.

    Windrunner will occasionally use force staff to push her target further away from her and into safety. This makes this item feel like there is no system for specific items in the bot's inventory and everything is setup as a "general" use this item if its not on cooldown.

    Kunkka will use his Torrent under stealthed players regardless if he can or cannot see them.

    While bots are fighting Roshan, on occation they will drop off him/her to chase down a player in the fog behind Roshan before they can even see him/her.

    Bots on both Easy and Normal will still run around in packs of 5 more often than the number specified for them to. (Easy 3 and Normal 4 are between rare and never for when they happen).

    The majority of the time during the early game lane phase, when bots go for ganks on top or bottom, they will still completely avoid any location that wards are placed where the default location that your bots put them, making having them in their location in the first place have little to no reason unless you want to watch for runes.

    If you have Razer in mid lane on a human team he will never leave the lane until the tower is gone.

    Bots in mid lane on a human team will rarely go out and gank other lanes, however bots in bot lanes will leave lane often for ganks.

    This is what I have found so far playing with 2 other people somewhat of often.

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    I'm pretty sure half (if not more) of these "bugs" are not real...
    Sorry for my bad English.


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      The Unusual damage increases are very rare, Razers has happened 3 times in the past 2 days for me, Sven's happened roughly 5 times last week but I haven't seen it this week yet (he has not gotten close enough to auto attack me). Just about all of the other ones will happen every single game, if you watch what the bots are doing, ward often, or play a stealth character in some cases. You can test them yourself if you do not believe they exist.


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        The 3x damage you see from Razor might be because he just used Static Link, which enables him to steal up to 224 damage. Sven's Storm Bolt does get blocked totally by Linken, both damage and stun. As for bot difficulty, only the Easy difficulty specify that bots try not to move more than 4 per group, it does not say so for Normal difficulty.