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AI needs to recognize dangers

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  • AI needs to recognize dangers

    For example, ive pushed mid to the tower, but 6:00 marks arrives, the ai would try to head towards rune regardless of the dangers between the path he is about to take.

    If there are heroes in between, it should lower the desire to head towards a target destination.
    If they are certain their team has outnumbered the enemy, they should become more aggressive, initiating fights etc.

    Can we get a rough idea of how the current AI works?

  • #2
    AI = bot i guesss?
    Just to clear things up


    • #3
      Yeah, that was hard to figure out huh


      • #4
        Originally posted by eyey View Post
        Yeah, that was hard to figure out huh
        At first i was like, wait, he want his hero to play for him wtf.
        Then SNAP!


        • #5
          Originally posted by kingboob View Post
          At first i was like, wait, he want his hero to play for him wtf.
          Then SNAP!
          10 of the first 12 threads here have "AI" in their title...


          • #6
            The bots do have a notion of "potential enemy locations", though they may not be taking that into account enough when going for runes, or when pathing through inherently dangerous areas like the river.


            • #7
              It's a type of "danger", but defending tower with 25% max HP, or going to gank with no mana enough to cast anything should be recognized as danger situations.

              If they don't have healing supply and have less than 50% HP, they should head to foutain. Currently, they're feeding a lot because of that.


              • #8
                It's not that simple though -- Pudge with 2k out of a total 4k health and a heart would be dumb to head back to heal, for example. Even without a heart, he'd generally be fine being in fights, depending on the state of enemy heroes. Even a hero with 15% health shouldn't head back if there's an enemy hero in range that's only one hit away from dying.

                It's entirely possible that bots should be more conservative about their health than they current are, but they do have a baseline "retreat to heal up" desire.