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AI is not farming

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  • AI is not farming

    AI farm's not enough especially in the beginning of the game. They are standing around on the lane most of the times waiting for denying their own creeps. They don't even try to get lasthits on enemy creeps. Furthermore, they always try to kill enemy heroes (and i think human player(s) is/are focused more/first) right after the laningphase has begun on lv 1. Most of the times i play on toplane (Radiant) e.g. a tidehunter and a sven always wanna kill me on lv1 with gush/stun/attacks. In my opinion they should farm first and try to kill enemys in good situations (e.g. standing alone on a lane with low hp), not always when a certain moment in every game is reached.

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    I've noticed a lot of the not farming thing. If you mid it's especially noticeable because the enemy will almost exclusively contest you on your last hits with denies, but won't even bother last hitting inbetween. They should prioritize last hits over denies, especially mid. It's not uncommon for Sniper or Razor mid to have like under 20CS by 10mins even if you don't actively deny them. Sniper especially likes to just stand there and do absolutely nothing. Might be another issue though I need to check more, but I feel he tries to perform actions at his max range even though he hasn't upgraded the ability yet(so he's always out of range early game).


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      They definitely should be prioritizing LHs over denies, I'll take a look and see if I can figure out what's going on.


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        I'll add my 2 cents to this. I was playing as Crystal Maiden, and the lane partner AI did absolutely nothing except denies (I guess it expected me to last hit). I would understand a player-preferred last hit code, but it should not be active when the lane partner is a support hero. Neither should support AIs be last hitting, so make sure that you'll make it better on carries mostly.