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[suggestion] change bot item drop routine for picking up the aegis

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  • [suggestion] change bot item drop routine for picking up the aegis


    I just noticed that bots sometimes make strange choices when having to drop an item to pick up the aegis.

    A few minutes ago, a Razor bot picked up the aegis, which I didn't particularly mind. What I did mind, however, was the fact that he dropped his BLADEMAIL for it. He also had 5 tangos in his inventory (25 minutes in) that were apparently too important to drop. Do you think it would be possible to make bots a little smarter when it comes to dropping items to make room for an aegis? Particularly regen items like tangos or clarities should get priority for being dropped, since when bots approach Roshan, they usually don't really need them any more.

    Thanks a lot!

    PS: The screenshot shows the blademail on the ground around Roshan and razor with aegis and tangos in his inventory.2012-08-19_RazorBotDropsBlademailForAegis.jpg

  • #2
    Hahah, what a noob razor... Oh wait...
    Btw, this is not a suggestion, more like a bug that needs to be fixed, when the game is out, bot arent going to throw they boots because of aegis when they have tangos, right?
    Click it


    • #3
      Well, I see it as a suggestion, because strictly speaking, there is no error in the bots' behavior. They drop an item. They pick up the aegis. It all goes smoothly.

      It's not like when the bots stay in the Rosh pit forever and let him attack them without reacting. Here, they only have to make a smarter choice.

      Then again, it doesn't matter what it's called as long as the routine gets changed


      • #4
        My opinion: sort inventory by price, then drop the lowest value item.
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        • #5
          As long as boots are ignored for that check, what DarkLite said.


          • #6
            Originally posted by DarkLite View Post
            My opinion: sort inventory by price, then drop the lowest value item.
            Some stuff costs less than a bottle, Not a reliable solution but a good direction


            • #7
              Blade mail is actually a valid item for him to drop, but only when he's filled his other slots with more valuable items. I'll take a look, sounds like bots aren't selecting the appropriate thing to drop.