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WindRunner "bots" don't fight back?

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  • WindRunner "bots" don't fight back?

    Today I thought I would jump in a bot match to see the new bots & I picked WindRunner it seemed that none of the bots could understand how to fight vs windrunner I mean it was sad 49/0 as Windrunner!.

    I jumped in fight were 3-4 bots vs me they just all ran or tried to stun & run they were scared to death of me as if I was a god.

    Match ID 43313445.

    bots are all on Hard.

    I Didn't use a common build & i think they were thrown off by how fast my Damage was scaling in the match.

    Starter items.

    2x Iron Branch , 2x Mantle of Intelligence , 1x Tango , 2x Clarity

    I got first blood mid lane on Death Prophet.

    I was able to kill Death Prophet again & then a 3rd time she was SoL to far behind and on farm for me.

    I after my 3rd kill I got a Perseverance this gave me HP/mana regen as i was out of tangos/clarity & made it so Death prophet couldn't harras me at all as I out healed her dmg & did more dmg.

    I then got my Magic wand + phase boots & 1 null talisman now I was taking death Prophet HP to 45% in a few seconds killing her with power shot every time.

    I quickly farmed up with my great dmg on last hits a demons edge ( later on I get a MKB) at this point I started to solo their team over & over & over.

    The weird issue was that had the dmg to kill me but yet that wouldnt attack they just ran even tho all 5 of them were in a group I would kill all 5 was really odd.

    I got Linken's sphere & another Perseverance + a helm of the dominator and a Orchid to sum up my build then I sold my wand for a Manta for kicks & giggles "I sold the Perseverance when I got the Helm of the dominator.

    So at the end I had a Linken's Sphere , Mantle , Phase boots , Orchid , Monkey king bar & a helm of the dominator.

    Now anyone with theses item will romp stomp the problem is they NEVER even fought back.
    Last edited by RJTravis; 09-23-2012, 08:56 PM.

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    It's a problem that's been plaguing the bots for a while now. If an enemy player gets a LOT of farm they grow scared of him. They'll pretty much ignore you as they try to do other things as they deem the task of killing you as too hard, and that their time is better spend doing other things. I suppose that's a choice you can make in big team fights (though really ignoring the big carry in favor of squishy supports isn't the best idea in most situations, as the carry will just have eaten your entire team by the time you're done), but they end up thinking that even if you're just running into them on your own.