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Bots Not Aggressive At All?

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  • Bots Not Aggressive At All?

    Sometimes I practice with some heroes and bots are just... too friendly. The problem is that they do not attack you when you're passing by. I feel ignored! It's like I'm engaging enemy creeps so my creeps can destroy they tower and bot just ignores me it just walks, we can see each other but bot doesn't attack (unless I'm really low). Any ideas?

  • #2
    Yeah, they don't ever really attack you apart from occasional harass in lane if you're in range (keyword: occasional) unless you cast spells on them.


    • #3
      The only exception I've seen to this is when they form a dual-ranged lane, particularly Dazzle/Viper. For some reason, the Dazzle/Viper combo is ridiculously aggressive - like, diving past two towers for a player with 75% HP aggressive.


      • #4
        I think this has to do with gauging strength. They'll harass you for a little bit during the first minute, but if they don't get an advantage or are losing the lane they tend to become much more passive because you've probably out leveled them. I've had lanes where I don't get attacked at all, and lanes where Sven charges at me with Bane anytime I get remotely close to the creep wave. It all depends on the situation, if your team is able to match up against their team they won't play as aggressive as they would if they have an edge over you.

        There is definitely some fine tuning that can be done here that bots could receive. The prospects of winning lane versus losing lane. If bots think they're losing lane, they should try to do something about it instead of playing passively in lane. If bots have an advantage, they should exploit that advantage as much as possible. I think they already do the latter, but it could always be tweaked to be more evident.
        This ain't ova.


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          I've been seeing the opposite problem. A lot of ranged bots (Wind Runner, Dazzle, Lina, etc.) are overly aggressive and end up getting themselves killed because of it. For instance, there was a match where I was playing Doom Bringer and Wind Runner was steadily harassing me. She would sit in the middle of our creeps and auto attack me until she got too low on health and then I would kill her. I've been able to replicate this many times and it works best early game when creeps take the largest percentage of health.