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Windrunner, Zeus, and another issues.

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  • Windrunner, Zeus, and another issues.

    Windrunner (Unfair) Isn't god at all, i will make a list with the main problem i think this bot have.

    1- Really poor escabe ability : Usually se overestimate the chance of going away from a hero whit Windrun + force staff, and even when she does escape, she keeps moving back instead of keep runing away once she go to the fog, or sometimes even try to wait for a rune to spawn if the respawn time is close (like in minute 3:57 or 56) even if the chaser is close to her.

    2-Ults in extrange cases and don't do this efficiently: She uses it against tower for pushing (sometimes) wich is not bad at all, but she almost never uses against heroes, and when she does she don't even try to keep the enemy still like with shackle.

    3-Poor build : Even if we consider that a force and a mekans isn't a bad build for her, she seriously needs an alternative, something more like aghanims, buriza, some more damage. (Just an oppinion) [I mean her to have an alternate build, not necessarily changing her old build to something like this]

    4- Don't distinguish when to run of an ult : She will run of every targetable ult, for example, she will automatically Windrun after Slardar ults her.

    Now lets talk about Zeusbot's Problems.

    1-Don't giving a fuck about being hit'd (Seriously, you can kick more than a half of his healt bar with normal attacks and he barely will go back a few steps, and then spet foward again) This makes zeus VERY easy to kill, lots of times.

    2-Related to the first point, he almost never can got any luxury item done, just aghanims in some cases, but really late in the game.

    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________-

    Now let's talk about the ai in general, some problems like: Killing creps in base like a totally secure task, even if their hp is low and there are enemy heroes in their base, being over agresive and chasing heroes through towers, and then, (If they get the kill) not going back, just standing in tower, killing some creeps.

    Thats all so far. Thank you for reading-
    Last edited by Fullen; 10-26-2012, 08:57 AM.