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AI vs Heroes: Broodmother Bug

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  • AI vs Heroes: Broodmother Bug

    I've been playing a few bot matches as Broodmother and I find that the enemy AI will follow and stand on Broodmother, when I exit combat and turn invisible. If they have AOE abilities they will always fire on Broodmother exactly where she has moved to, despite being invisible.

    I have also noticed that when near towers, the ranged lane creep will spawn from the enemies base and be able to see Broodmother, despite being invisible...which again if a bot Hero is present means doom, as they all show up, and then continue to AOE spam her.

    This is all done without the enemy having visual items or buffs for stealthed just seems that they will follow me around the map whilst invisible, and then once I've stayed still for 10 seconds, they lose interest and go back to the game.

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    You do realize there is a specific section for this stuff, right?


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      Sorry, no i didn't...only joined this forum today, and thought gameplay bugs was the forum


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        Do you realize that towers have true sight and they work like sentry wards?


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          there is a fadetime in which you still are visible.
          i am pretty certain that bots use that fadetime to interpolate your movement.
          players can do the very same.
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            Originally posted by blash365 View Post
            there is a fadetime in which you still are visible.
            i am pretty certain that bots use that fadetime to interpolate your movement.
            players can do the very same.
            I dunno about the OP but that's not the case. They know exactly where you are even if you've been invis for a while and they will either dust completely out of the blue or use their AoE skills on the spot. Playing Broodmother is REALLY buggy in bot games (no pun intended). you can easily see that if you grab an invis rune and approach an Earthshaker, he'll stun you as soon as you get into range.

            Another thing they seem to do is react to pings. If you're approaching a lane for a gank and you ping on somebody, the enemy bots will immediately retreat. Which most of the time means your own bots will just follow them into the tower and feed them kills.
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