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Bots versus KOTL

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  • Bots versus KOTL

    Sorry if I'm posting this incorrectly, never posted here

    Seems like bots don't try to avoid keeper of the light's illuminate ability, even though it is easily dodgable/high damaging. Seems like bots should get some warning (especially earlygame) when they see it and head back, or, if they're engaging when they have more HP, attempt to get behind keeper of the light/interrupt illuminate

    Some other suggestions: Maybe midgame/lategame, supports will attempt to avoid illuminate but tanks/carries wont bother unless they're low hp?

    Another thing I saw that's kinda unrelated is that Sven bot runs away properly but he doesn't stun at all when he's running away - his cast animation is pretty fast so he would benefit a lot from turning around and stunning in certain situations, especially if his team is nearby. Also, he might be a good candidate for drums of endurance so he can use his stun more often and more liberally
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  • #2
    The problem is that the bots have tons of problems with spells, a good example is invoker: Deafening blast, sunstrike, tornado and emp.
    They dont even try to dodge deafening and tornado, however they seem to bug out with emp and stay slightly out of range waiting till its done neglecting any stuns or teammates hitting it.
    They dodge sunstrike if you are see-able. (E.g. creep vision, tower.)

    Give valve time to fix everything in time.
    They dont really care about minorities, apparently.


    • #3
      I think the problem is with channeling spells. They will start to avoid/evade the spell as soon as the channeling is over. Infact of KotL it is too late


      • #4
        Bots will always be stupid. Having them walk to the side or behind kotl to dodge can force them to walk into towers or a bunch of other heroes. So you can basically just use skills to control when you want them to move away


        • #5
          In the next update bots will avoid Keeper's channel. Also, their avoidance of linear projectiles was broken, that'll be fixed too.


          • #6
            Does that mean that they can detect me every time I cast it even if I'm concealed by fog of war?


            • #7
              They won't avoid it if they don't have vision of you.