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Make bot games not default to Hard bots

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  • #16
    Originally posted by tagyhag View Post
    Not to mention the community would be as putrid and anti-fun as HoN.
    I can't agree with this sentiment enough.


    • #17
      I sent a PM to ChrisC <Valve dev> about this exact issue a month ago, nothing ever did get done about it.


      • #18
        +1 ive seen so many new players getting stomped in hard bots and is not fun.


        • #19
          Originally posted by Noya View Post
          Actually "Hard" is "Normal" difficulty, it's just a tag problem.

          You can read about it here

          Reaction times for ability/item usage range from 50-75ms.
          The baseline difficulty.
          All features are enabled.
          Bots do not cheat (with a couple minor exceptions).

          -1 from me, bots are still terrible in my opinion, making the bot standard even easier is not a good aproach for newbies
          More like they made a mistake in that list you linked to. The current naming is a lot more accurate. Either way, the issue is that the current default difficulty is too hard for total newcomers to Dota. It should be changed so they, and the rest of the people on hard difficulty, don't get frustrated and aren't hampered by the (completely broken) mismatch in skill levels. I see very good people who actually know how the game works in Medium games. It seems once you've figured out how to change to Medium, you actually, God forbid, learn something in co-op games.


          • #20
            According to patch log this will be implemented today to the main client


            • #21
              Yep. It's a saved variable per-user, so any existing users will have the setting remain the same, but if it's the first time you're running Dota 2, it'll default to Easy.


              • #22
                Originally posted by ChrisC View Post
                Yep. It's a saved variable per-user, so any existing users will have the setting remain the same, but if it's the first time you're running Dota 2, it'll default to Easy.

                *Applause* Thanks again for listening to simple easy fixes that make the game accessible to everyone and ignoring the elitists that think everyone should just know what to do instinctively
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