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Attack the seige creeps dammit!

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  • Attack the seige creeps dammit!

    When defending a tower from creeps or attempting to deny it would be wise for the bots to always attack the siege creeps first...

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    not really on occasions. Seige creeps are always at the back and sometimes clearing a few creeps with the tower and then killing the seige creep with the help of the tower is faster than trying to kill it by yourself (in early stages that is). Should just give it a priority to kill siege creeps first if they can kill it in x amount of hits by themselves assuming it is safe to.


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      Originally posted by assteepee View Post
      When defending a tower from creeps or attempting to deny it would be wise for the bots to always attack the siege creeps first...
      Until the late game (mid game for carries or certain heroes) the easiest way to kill a siege creep is to kill the creep wave and let the tower to finish off the catapult.
      Towers won't attack siege creeps as long as there is another target in range (melee or ranged creeps, heroes or units controlled by heroes (dominated or summoned).
      Originally posted by Vasilev
      You're not matched vs better enemies when you win, you're matched with worse allies.


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        For sure, but I've noticed alot of times (frequently in late game) when bots TP to a deniable tower, attempt to clear a creep wave very slowly with auto attacks, and then take off with about half the wave still left because there are no more allied creeps left and the bots are incredibly afraid of creep damage. If a bot has drawn creep aggro and only the siege creep is still attacking the tower, wouldn't taking it out first be the better option?


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          Pretty sure I've seen the same thing when siege creeps are taking out rax, bots will take out every other creep first (after waiting for a friendly creepwave to spawn) before actually protecting base.


          • #6
            I agree with OP. When defending they should attack the siege creeps, since siege creeps prioritize attacking buildings over anything else.


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              Of course in reality it's situational whether to clear the small units first or the siege units, but for the sake of simplicity with the AI it might be easier to just make them attack the siege creeps first by default. I have a feeling it'll result in more saved towers/denies