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Bots returning to base with low health but coming back before healing up

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  • Bots returning to base with low health but coming back before healing up

    What's the deal with bots returning to the fountain when they're low on health, but before they get there they decide to return to lane all of a sudden, and typically subsequently get killed as a result of...having low health (you don't say!?!?)!! I THINK they usually do this if the tower is being hit or maybe an ally is getting ganked, but a) I've definitely seen them do this even when the tower is getting hit at full health, and b) I'm preeetty sure I've seen them do this for no reason.

    Also how do the mid bot's sidelane ganks work? It almost looks like it's on a timer. I just had a game where Bane was mid, and me and kunkka both went back to base to heal up, and on our way to the fountain I see Bane in chat saying "going to bot to gank", and I thought surely he won't actually follow up once he realizes there's no one there. But sure enough he runs straight into the lane right at windrunner and dragon knight, attempting to unload his spells but obviously failing and getting killed....complete with "Go on Windrunner!" and "I'm out" just before he died.

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    It may have something to do with their tower being attacked, I hadn't considered that possibility before.
    My own view on it is that their regeneration on their trip back makes them think 'Oh I have enough health to be in lane just a little while longer' and hence return. Basically, if they head back to base, at least during the laning phase, they should commit to doing so, unless they get some very significant healing done and preferably have some extra consumables to keep going afterward.

    I don't really know what Bane was thinking, haven't really encountered a situation like that before.