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2 bugs about bots today.

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  • 2 bugs about bots today.

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here so i hope i'm doing it right.

    Anyway, i didn't see any topics about these, i apoligize if i am re-posting these issues.
    Today i noticed 2 things i did not notice in bots with practice matches earlier on before yesterday/today's patch.

    1:st issue is:
    The bots will say they defend a tower, but what actually happens is they will TP to the tower, and hang around behind the tower while the enemy creeps and 3-4 other bot heroes down the tower.
    The bots don't seem to initiate on their own unless i do. And even then they don't always help me.

    2:nd issue is:
    I can't see the enemy hero portrait icons in a practice match. I can see my own team hero icons fine, and the death timer if an enemy dies.

    And lastly, it's not an issue i noticed today but is it just me or do the enemy bots totally focus on you instead of your allied bots in all team fights?

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    About 2nd issue:


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      Not being able to see the hero icons has been known for a while.

      The first issue may be that they wait for backup and try to calculate if they have a chance of defending it properly. Avoids them going in 2on5.


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        Yeah, they're waiting behind the tower until they think they have a good shot at winning the fight. Though I think they could do a better job of harassing while back there, as well as understanding whether more backup is coming or not (if not, they should probably bail out of the defense or just dive in).

        The bots tend to focus-fire what they see as the easiest-to-kill target, but there's no code in there that makes them prefer human players, honest.


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          Originally posted by ChrisC View Post
          The bots tend to focus-fire what they see as the easiest-to-kill target, but there's no code in there that makes them prefer human players, honest.
          I see, i guess they look at me charging them first/being the closest to them and decide i'm the easiest to kill target then.

          And as far as the defending issue goes, i see. It would make sense the bots don't engage then. Since AI bots usually push with a full team, i guess it would be stupid for 2 bots to engage on their own.
          Still, would be nice if they'd toss out some nukes or something at least. Not a big issue though, i suppose. Just didn't notice it earlier than today.


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            1 is explained logically, but at the same time the heroes from both side sometimes just stand around and get attacked by the enemy creep. Maybe they should move back a bit?


            Both enemy VS and Kunkka died because they were attacked by creeps.

            Also to hijack this thread, there has been a few occasions where the AIs don't hit the siege creeps. Like when the creep wave with the siege is there, the allied AIs hit normally fine, but they miss the siege creep and keep moving down the lane.

            Also, I saw a Razor bot getting stuck by the river (ie. not moving) after getting DD rune

            Finally, the bots don't utilize the chicken. Most have items in stash but they don't use the chicken. Oh and the enemy AIs don't kill the courier even though they walk past it.
            Last edited by eck; 11-19-2011, 03:05 AM.