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Issues with Bots

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  • Issues with Bots

    One issue is the fact that bots do not help you. For exmaple I have played a game with a friend (against him) He went top to push with Dragon knight and Sven went to ganked him. Lina who was fat enough to kill DK started to run around in circles about 1.5k range away from the fight and did not help.
    Second issue is the fact when the come to gank they will say "Roaming to Gank X lane/hero" They will start to go but in the middle, even if there is the best opportunity to gank. Sometimes they will gank however.
    Third problem, I dont know if its the bot issue but the fact that when playing CM mode the bots will not pick the heroes you have chosen but will random.
    All praise the lord and saviour GABEN NEWELL

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    The bots are stupidly annoying, I hope they fix them before the game comes out of the beta. Playing against them, fucking pro, on your team, fucking retards...


    I can't carry 4 assholes that don't do anything.


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      Originally posted by alex2005 View Post
      The bots are stupidly annoying, I hope they fix them before the game comes out of the beta.

      Honestly, I don't think the case is always like that.

      However, it does seem to be the case that one side is inherently more effective than the other. In any given game, it could be your team or the other team - but one side always seems more effective at getting in position for ganks, firing combos and working as a team. I do agree that it is goddamn infurating when the enemy team is working together correctly, and your bots keep repeatedly wandering off into silly positions alone and getting ganked.
      I can't really explain why this happens other than some complementary heroes (Tide and ES is the combo that springs to mind) ending up on the same team and resulting in superior play. Assuming there isn't just a randomly assigned is_dumb flag on the bots, that is.


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        Aside from sniper, I don't think I've seen any non-ganky heroes picked; lina, tiny, sven, tide, zeus, vs, wr seems to be a typical picks. Even ignoring when things go wrong and your team gets horribly out-ganged early on, the bots lack of focus on carry heroes means that the only carry hero is you.

        If you want to win against the bots at the moment, I would strongly suggest a STR based carry (skeleton king, dragon knight, doom) - it doesn't matter if you aren't a hard carry, as long as you can out carry a poorly farmed sniper and a few casters.

        I'm sure this will change as more bots become available and valve is able to offer more than just ganging lineups.


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          After having played lots of bot matches (not alone, me and a friend), we realized the only way to win is not to plan anything, and let your own bots do the strategy even if it seems (and it is) stupid. Otherwise, they will get killed, and you will possibly get killed as well. My major grip with this is that bot's strategy makes the matches veeery long, but well, at least you win.

          Hard carries/semi carries are the best option, just don't pick an initiator, or a support to help with disables. The bots don't really know what most of the heroes do, and that applies for bots on both teams, so if you are going to initiate a fight with X or use a disable to keep Y there and then kill him, bots usually won't help until it is too late (or well, they will help if they intended to do the same, so follow their strategy).

          PS: If you want to pick a hero to try it out, well, try to build him semi-carry anyway.
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            Well me and my friend play against each other and its usually either my bad luck or something but my bots usually loose about 1-12 before I get farmed enough to start ganking, but by that time they are fed. A ganking strategy from beginning is good but many of the times your bots will not do anything to help you which makes it hard.
            All praise the lord and saviour GABEN NEWELL