Now that single-player bot games are run on your local machine (as of the 2/28 update), we support a bunch of additional debugging commands! Here's a rundown of what you can do (run all these commands from the console):


This command displays a bunch of information about real-time state of all the bots. It includes the following:
  • current and potential offensive power
  • how "tanky" a unit is
  • what their current location's avoidance value is
  • how much damage they can do to buildings
  • what their current mode is, and its current desire
  • what their current action is, and its target if applicable

Additionally, it lists:
  • the team-wide desire to push each lane
  • the team-wide desire to to defend a lane
  • the team-wide desire to farm each lane
  • the team-wide desire to do roshan


This command draws bot debug info specific to the hero under the cursor when the command is run. It displays the real-time desire values for each possible bot mode, along with the current mode and action of the bot in question. It will also draw lines and circles to indicate the target of its current action. This command can be active on multiple bots simultaneously.


This command stops the drawing of all bots selected with dota_bot_select_debug. Toggling the bot overview will also do this.


This command cycles through a number of modes in which debug info is overlaid on the minimap. They are:
  • Avoidance for each team. This shows the areas that they know they want to avoid, and the relative strength of avoidance.

  • Potential locations for each team. This shows a heatmap based on the last known positions of heroes and where they could have pathed do while they are "missing". The longer a hero is missing, the more diffuse their potential position is.

  • Vision for each team. Basically just what each team can currently see.

  • Height for each loation on the map (and its relative danger).

  • Passability, which bots use for pathfinding. It's slightly lower resolution than the game pathfinder for performance reasons.


This command cycles through the same things as dota_bot_debug_minimap_cycle, but draws the values on a grid in the world.