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Player Clockwerk vs Bot Earthshaker

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  • Player Clockwerk vs Bot Earthshaker

    This is a bit specific, but figured it'd be worth mentioning!

    When a player Clockwerk puts his Battery Assault up and gets every mini-stun landed on the Earthshaker, what will happen is the earthshaker attempting to land his fissure over and over and over and over while getting stunned. This makes for pretty amusing kills, but I figure it's not intended!

  • #2
    half of dota players do the same


    • #3
      but seriously tho, why not? Its not like hitting the clock will do you any good (and its not like ES can finish his attack animation before being stunned :P )
      Especially in team fights, there are chances where BA will hit another unit, then you can get your fissure off.

      I don't see the problem at all.


      • #4
        I'd say running away (or trying to attack the cogs) is far better than repeating your cast animation for the lulz.


        • #5
          Thats just how the spell works. If you wanna make a fissure you might not wanna get caught in a terrible spot. This is how you counter pick, for an example SF. If Clock gets upclose to SF, he would not be able to cast his ultimate either. Its just how the game works.


          • #6
            What is the relevance to the topic? He is talking about the ES bot not knowing that he cannot cast Fissure while being close to Clock.


            • #7
              IF you are earthshaker you can't stun fissure when he's near with his mini stun abilitiy. And that I think is not ok. Cus he's interepting you 5 times in a row. I think this is not how it should work. I don't remember in dota one that this has happened. I think it's bugged


              • #8
                It is working as intended. Also, this is not a Gameplay discussion, but a AI one.


                • #9
                  Clockwerk doesn't have an AI yet, so the AI doesn't understand his skills yet. Probably can't/won't be fixed until they add an AI for him.


                  • #10
                    It's not what Ai's are doing.. if clockwerker is next to you he cancels your every spell animation and you simply.. can not cast fissure at him.. earthshaker just raises his arms and stops, raises his arms and stops, over and over again. and I don't remember that this happened in dota 1. Tomorrow I will install dota 1 and check it if that happens there also. Clockwerker is actually perma silencing you as long as he's nearby with his ministun ability


                    • #11
                      I don't know what you don't get. Working as intended. There is even nothing wrong with AI.


                      • #12
                        The point was that the ai should take into consideration other options than casting fissure...