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Bots anticipating everything.....

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  • Bots anticipating everything.....

    So sometimes when I play against bots, I play pudge or mirana or any hero with some kinda hook.

    And landing a hook with pudge for example is really hard against bots. It's even easier to hook real people. And the reason why I feel like this is because bots anticipates almost every hook. I can literally be hiding behind trees or high ground without bots having any visibility and still they move away from my hook like if they have map hack or something lol, which would be impossible for a real person to avoid unless I do something wrong.

    Have anyone else experienced this?

  • #2
    They have instant reaction.


    • #3
      Oh, but I still think it's really strange. I mean right, maybe pro players have better reaction time. But seriously, these bots are just ridiculous. Some hooks I throw are impossible to predict and yet they move out of the way. They move even before the actual hook is visible to them.


      • #4
        You have to hook from the fog, they don't dodge these hooks.

        They hop around, but that's their normal behaviour, they always do that. And you should probably do it too, to make your movement less predictable. Most low skill players just stand still while farming creeps, that's bad and the reason why you land more hooks against them.

        If you are visible, they will try to avoid the hooks by the way as any player with a brain.

        If you are almost never landing any hooks, you're doing it wrong.
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        R.I.P. DOTA


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          I played a bot game as Pudge pretty recently, had no problem landing hooks. You just have to wait until they're going somewhere. When they already are where they want to be, they tend to move around randomly which makes it hard to hook them sometimes, but when they're running away from something for example they never stop to dodge hooks in my experience.


          • #6
            It is without a doubt harder to land hooks against Bots than against players though.
            In particular for Mirana arrow it's border line impossible unless they're stunned, hugging the trees or have pigeon holed themselves into a straight path.

            The instant reaction has always been a bit of a problem... It's really not uncommon to see Tidehunter bot blink in and attempt to ult, only for Tiny or sometimes even Windrunner to just stun him before he can even cast it.


            • #7
              I just said, i'm not visible...

              I always move around and I know they are doing too. that's not the problem.

              Aaahh, that's frustrating. It's so obvious how the bots calculate where you're hook is going to land even though you're NOT visible to the enemy, so they move in such an obvious way... Can't explain it in any other way..

              Anyway, you don't have to believe me if you don't want to.


              • #8
                Yea, sometimes I get this. Lion is moving down the river from Mid lane to Bot lane, I'm just above the river in Radiant side, throw a hook, and suddenly he turns around just to avoid it, and then continues on his merry way!

                Originally posted by Tassadarmaster View Post
                They have instant reaction.
                This may be the reason why.


                • #9
                  It must be really a problem on your side.

                  Apart from ES fissures and Kunkka torrents cheating with fog (that was fixed afaik) I never saw them having more knowlegde.

                  Sometimes they even forget you are there when you run on their highground on their middle lane during nighttime and continue farming...

                  I'm a terrible Pudge and find it extremly easy to land hooks versus bots(unfair), maybe because I played tons of games and can predict pretty well what they are doing.

                  R.I.P. DOTA


                  • #10
                    I have no problems with hooking them, but as Arxos said, Mirana arrowing them is impossible. I use it as a meleerange nuke, just for the damage.
                    Originally posted by biejis


                    • #11
                      It's kinda inconsistent. They don't seem to react to powershot channeling. However, light strike array is bloody difficult to land.


                      • #12
                        When bots don't have a particular command in their "minds" most skillshots are very hard to land properly. However, as soon as the bots get focused on a particular task (damage the tower, chase/run away etc.) they become the easiest targets. Try to use a skillshot when they are chasing your allies, you'll almost never fail.

                        P.S. About instant reaction: true. That's why using blink dagger for initiation against bots is redundant.
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                        • #13
                          They're a bit too aware and instantly know where an arrow/hook is going to be and how to avoid it. This is in comparison to the level of their other decision making processes which are not great.