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Bot Debugging Tools

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  • Bot Debugging Tools

    In the next update (December 1st), there will be a new console command that will dump to your screen a ton of information about the current state of the bots. Then, you can take a screenshot and post it along with a description of what you think they're doing wrong, which will be really useful in figuring out what the bots are "thinking". You can use it two ways:

    This will dump the overall state of all the bots. Use this when you want a snapshot of what your bot teammates or the enemy bots are thinking. It's more useful when the team as a whole seems like it's doing something strange.

    dota_bot_dump_state heroname
    If you supply a hero name (or just part of it) after the command, it will dump a more detailed description of what that specific bot is thinking. This is useful is a particular bot is doing something strange, or seems stuck. In these cases please also have that hero selected so we can see gold/inventory/cooldowns, etc.

    Additionally, if you don't have the console enabled or just don't want to use it, as of the December 15th update, you will be able to just do -dumpbots in chat to dump the bot state as well.

    And finally, you can use dota_bot_client_debug 1 to display a brief description of what they're thinking.

    I'll keep this post updated with other tools, as we add them.

    Last edited by ChrisC; 04-09-2012, 12:39 PM.

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    I'd like to hijack this thread to say the following:

    Thank you guys for doing an incredible job on play-testing the bots a lot, as well as reporting a lot of issues. Be sure that your feedback will help tons in Bot development. Make sure to keep the threads coming, as almost every feedback is valuable.

    Moderating this forum has been easy as cake, mostly because all you guys are awesome and discuss things in a positive way, while also giving critical perspectives on some of the Bot's behaviors. I feel like this forum moderates itself pretty much, outside of the oh-so-often wrong section threads (which happen in every forum I believe. )

    (Feel free to delete my post if you don't feel like it should be here, Chris)


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      Added part about using -dumpbots in chat to the OP.


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        Added dota_bot_client_debug to the OP.