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How to ward\stalk runes

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  • How to ward\stalk runes

    There is a very annoying issue with bots as I am never able to ward or stalk the runes. Each time I approach a cliff (to do either) in the "prepare for battle" phase, everybot assumes I said "mid or feed" and they frantically disperse (the mid usually goes bot, one bot goes top) and they sometimes end up as 2 supports laning when all I want to do is help the "team" and ward. As for the rune, since one bot sometimes stalks a spot, I take the other, but the same situation appears and they think I want to mid.

    I believe there was a thread some time ago that if you want to jungle and plan on starting with the mid neutrals, the bots act similar and just decide to leave mid undefended.
    I hope this gets fixed. It's more than annoying

    P.S. on a side note, regarding runes, if I do decide to mid and head towards a rune one of my brilliant support teammates decides to take the runes I need to gank one of their lanes
    I admit I didn't right click it (as they sometimes detect that), but there are situations when they still take it regardless of me pinging or right clicking it.
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    You just have to approach it from the right side. As long as you don't enter the lane beyond the T2 area they won't react to whichever place you move, so just move out of the base and steer clear of the lane beyond T2.

    Here, crudely shown via amazing paint skills.
    As you can see, there's area's for you to move around without entering the zone. In case you are forced to enter the zone regardless (like warding both rune spots can be rather awkward), then just try to move quickly. They won't change their lane setup from 15s after game start onward, so if you just quickly move into your desired lane area before that time it'll be fine.
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      Yeah I kinda figured the trajectory shown by your realistic photoshop :P Noticed they don't react that way.
      But while I am a nitpicker, considering botmatches are supposed to train you AND this wouldn't happen in a normal game, it is still annoying. It's weird I have to traverse the whole map just to stalk a rune

      Perhaps adding a wheel for AI commands might be a step forward.
      Stuff like "I am building meka" (I often end up with Meka on myself as Dazzle and one on WR, or I won't make one since I assume Daz would, but he just goes Necro first), "This lane is mine" (working like the "missing" that just adapts based on your lane, "gank Rosh", "let's Rosh", "let me solo" (for Rosh f.e.) etc.
      Explanations on the normal, high and very high brackets in replays: here, here & here
      Why maphacks won't work in D2: here