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No initiation OR chasing stuns

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  • No initiation OR chasing stuns

    The most frustrating thing about playing with bots is that you can't practice playing a carry hero because bots ALWAYS wait for you to make the first action in every situation.

    Common Situation #1: Your team pushes one lane, while other team tries to out-push you on a different lane. Both teams make it to the other's base at roughly the same time, and your entire team (except you) TP back to base to defend. Meanwhile, 1 hero from opponents' team TPs back to their base to defend, leaving 4v4 and 1v1 situation.

    While opponents' bot eagerly blows all his nukes to defend their lvl 3 tower, your team stands back and watches as your tower is destroyed until you actually attack the guys at the base first. Even after TPing back to base, making it 5v4, they STILL wait for the human player to make the first action, so if your first action isn't at AOE ranged disable, you are guaranteed to die due to the ~1 second of 4v1 action that takes place.

    Common Situation #2: Opponents lose a fight and 1 enemy hero is running away from you and 1 or more bots well within visual/casting range, but you personally do not have any slows/stuns to stop them from getting away (even if you can attack them). The bots with you have multiple stuns, maybe even blink dagger, full mana, and nothing on CD.

    Even if you attack the running hero, bots will not use a stun (or slow) unless unless the hero tries to fight back, or a second opponent appears. Even if you ping on the hero specifically, they will not use any abilities.

    Common Situation #3, the most common one of all: The entire enemy team is moving together, all within sight, making for absolutely no risk of surprise attacks/stuns.

    Bots on your team stand back and watch them plow through creeps, attack and crush the tower, and only AFTER the tower has fallen will they possibly engage. When they DO engage the enemy, they do not stack abilities or charge together, 1-2 of them literally run in and suicide into the group while the others run away.

    Only if you attack first (by running in to suicide) will the bots on your team use their abilities on your opponents. Meaning, that if you use a ranged ability from a safe area, the bots will still not engage this type of attack group.


    In general, it is the duty of a support class hero to sacrifice his own life to save that of a carry. It is also, obviously, the duty of an initiator to INITIATE in a fight. However, regardless of what role your hero is, bots will always wait for YOU to initiate, and will shamelessly run away before the fight is over. The only time they don't exhibit this behavior is when they inexplicably REFUSE to run away when no human players are present, dying constantly in retarded situations while you're not looking.

    Basically, if their are multiple bots in a fight, and no human player nearby, they will run away, then one at a time, turn and try to fight the opponents in the worst display of feeding I've ever seen. Even if they MIGHT have stood a chance by working together, the bots on your team will go in 1 by 1, ENSURING nothing but death.

    Most of the time, however, it is situations where a bot is all alone, and could easily escape either by just running or with something like windrun. While opponent teams of bots will run all the way back to their base, or hide in the fog and use healing items, bots on your team will 90% of time announce "I'm out" then turn and fight a 2v1 or even 3v1 situation.

    Basically, theirs no AI involved here, but rather articifially inflated levels of stupidity.

  • #2
    Bots get in fights without the human player initiating all the time, and they do it to defend buildings all the time. I'm not sure what's different in your games, maybe they just estimate their chances of a successful engagement as being quite low without you.

    Most annoying concern with bot initiation is that if you ping an enemy bot to initiate upon, the enemy reacts to your ping by instantly turning around to run and your own bots run at it for a few seconds before even attempting to cast a spell - entering the chase situation you described.