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Bot standing on dropped gem and not responding

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  • Bot standing on dropped gem and not responding

    What I think happens:

    When a bot kills a hero, it checks if there is a gem on the ground nearby.

    If so, it tries to pick up the gem.

    Bots can't figure out how to pick up the gem, so they stand on it trying to pick it up. <--- bug!

    If they get low, they stop whatever they're doing, including picking up the gem, and run away.


    I played a bot game, and died to the skeleton king bot while carrying a gem. The bot then stood on top of the gem, not doing anything even though he was being hit by my allies (also bots). Skeleton king only started moving when he got very low (he seemed to go into "run away mode"). The bots ignored the dropped gem for the rest of the game.

    I reproduced this in a 2nd bot game (bought a gem at start of game and died to the viper bot, who was mid). Viper stood on top of the gem until he got very low (from getting hit by creeps), when he ran away.

    I then bought a divine rapier and fed it to 3 bots in mid lane (close to where the gem still was). One of them picked up the rapier, but the necrolyte bot saw that there's a gem on the ground about 300 units away and started standing on it. He only started moving when he got low.

    This is my first bug report here, so sorry if I did this wrong somehow.

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    I second this, bots don't pick up gems, even when there is ample space in their inventory


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      Most likely the problem is not that they don't know how to pick it up but that they feel they don't need the gem so they try to destroy it (which isn't possible since a few weeks ago). Keep in mind that bots don't use the gem to counterward so they consider it useless to have one in a game without an enemy invis hero.
      A decent fix would be to teach the bots how to use the courier correctly. That would fix a LOT of annoying stuff that happens in botgames like hijacking the courier to ferry a magic stick to the sidelane when you can buy it from the shop there or bots being unable to finish their items because they can't buy stuff with the courier from the secret shop.
      Anyway, don't expect anything to change until after TI3 because the bots are on hold for now and I assume that TI is the why. I have no clue why Valve refuses to publish their scripts and let the community alter and create bots and sub-routines. I and -from what I see in this forum- fellow community members would be glad to help and develop because it's a good practice and keeps you on your toes. Back when people realized that you could alter the itembuilds and lane choices of bots there was a HUGE thread with improvements and tweaks and it would be awesome to see people being able to actually modify the bots and make them play better.

      Sorry for the novel, but I felt the need to say this.
      Originally posted by biejis