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Broken Bots

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  • Broken Bots

    Now, I know bots weren't perfect before, but since the big patch they've gotten nearly unplayable.

    -The starting ward change has made it so the bots on your team will no longer buy wards (even if you spam the chat wheel) until maybe 15-20 minutes in. Enemy bots still ward as normal.

    -The lane choices that bots make are all messed up. For example, I picked skeleton king and went safe lane, we had 3 supports (VS, Jak, WD) and a Luna. Luna follows me to safe lane, WD goes mid, jak and vs go hard lane. um...what? I ping to send luna mid and she starts going up there only to turn around and come back. proceeds to steal as much cs as she can.

    -Flying courier is bought much later than before. used to be <10 min, now its at least 15 minutes in.

    -I didn't think it was possible, but some of the allied bots feed even harder than they did before.

    -Bots now gobble runes without fail. Almost impossible to play a mid hero between the lack of early wards and the runes consistently being taken by side lane bots immediately.

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    None of these are new things, you're just imagining things or being slow to notice behaviors that have always been there like the rune thing or lane choice things.
    Ward behaviour will probably need to be changed a bit for optimization, but the thought that the enemies still ward properly is just your imagination.

    You have to realize that the bots haven't had a single change for months now. The patch can cause them to incorrectly deal with changed spells or other variables, but things like runes, courier and lane selection or 'feeding' have not changed in the slightest.

    Also, the bots don't react to chat wheel commands.
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      I've sat by the rune and watched the enemy put the wards up. And I play bot games pretty regularly and its just recently that the bots havent sent a support to lane with me when i pick carry. Nice constructive response though!


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        Originally posted by JAZoidberg View Post
        I've sat by the rune and watched the enemy put the wards up. And I play bot games pretty regularly and its just recently that the bots havent sent a support to lane with me when i pick carry. Nice constructive response though!
        I play with the bots plenty too.

        These kinds of threads pop up all the time. I'm sorry but it's impossible that there's anything different on many of the area's you mentioned. Just because you're noticing something only now, or have been unlucky to get a streak of bots making stupid laning choices, doesn't mean that they didn't do that before. They very much did.


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          After few last updates, bots stop warding runes in early game. I swear! If anyone developer see it, please fix this problem. Sorry for my English.


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            I found out, that enemy bots SET wards. But friend bots don't.


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              Originally posted by JAZoidberg View Post
              (even if you spam the chat wheel)
              I don't think the chat wheel works on bots. Wish they'd implement an additional one for bots with stuff like "Gank Roshan", "Let me rosh solo", "Buy gem", "Defend bot" etc. along with adding the current chatwheel functionality.
              Forcing us to ping like we're obsessive-compulsive-weirdos is not the best way to control bots. Most times they'd rather go 4-man on Rosh instead of defend or they randomly steal runes from a carry or even not let you solo Rosh even once. The only good change is Zeus not killstealing everytime. The problem is now he hardly uses his ult anymore.
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                I found some... solution for this problem (If I can say so). When you start practice game with bots (not lobby), you can open console and type "dota_dev player_givegold 150". Then use this 150 gold to buy wards and give it to your bot-support. Bot will set wards.