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Bots don't warding

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  • Bots don't warding

    Hi dear developers, my name is Tommy. Sorry for my English. After few last updates bots don't warding anymore. I picked many heroes (supports, gankers, carries), but they don't warding at start of the game as they do it before updates. Just one or two wards in middle game. But they don't warding in early game as before. Why this happening? It's very very difficult to play heroes who must go to mid lane. Because bots don't set wards on rune at start. Answer me please. Thank you.

  • #2
    I found out, that enemy bots SET wards. But friend bots don't. Fix it, please. I'm begging you.


    • #3
      I think it happened since the ward reduction from 4 to 2. They just don't care about warding anymore. Even when they have gold, they prioritize a flying courier (which is not necessarily a bad thing but I need anti-gank warnings :P).
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        Hi, The Nomad, any idea how to fix it? Is there any console command that put wards in bots inventory?


        • #5
          No, sorry. Not without cheats. And even if you do, there is no guarantee they'll act upon it.
          HOWEVER, if you do want to go the extra mile and enable cheats, open the chat (as if you would write normal text to players and type with the "-" included):

          -givebots item_ward_observer

          Note it ONLY works in offline play and only if you enable the "Enable cheats" checkbox in the lobby settings.
          As I said there is no guarantee they'll actually use it. Also note, it gives wards to EVERY bot on your team.

          The equivalent console command is (without the "-" of course):

          dota_bot_give_item item_ward_observer
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          Why maphacks won't work in D2: here


          • #6
            The Nomad, is there any way to "enable cheats" in practice mode with bots, not in lobby?


            • #7
              I don't think so (there is a small "bug" that can let you, but it's too complicated).
              Just play a lobby game with cheats and enable bots. It's the same thing as a bot practice game. (just remember to join a team first and make sure you select a server closest to your country)
              Explanations on the normal, high and very high brackets in replays: here, here & here
              Why maphacks won't work in D2: here


              • #8
                The Nomad, can you tell me about this bug? How can I do it?


                • #9
                  I found some... solution for this problem (If I can say so). When you start practice game with bots (not lobby), you can open console and type "dota_dev player_givegold 150". Then use this 150 gold to buy wards and give it to your bot-support. Bot will set wards.