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Big hero model

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  • Big hero model

    Since there's no public forum in which one can discuss this matter, and as I, along with many others would find this pretty important, here it is.

    Many hero models in this game are bigger than they are in DotA 1.

    Repro & Result:
    Compare the size of Lifestealer in DotA 1 to DotA 2, the latter has a clearly a larger model. The same goes for Riki and beyond.

    The hero size should retain the same as they are in DotA 1 in DotA 2.

    These big hero models often negatively affect their gameplay with no compensation. For example, Riki most certainly benefits from the small model he fashions, and that is taken away for DotA 2 with nothing to compensate for. And elements like this indirectly buff other heroes like Leshrec and Pudge where their skillshots and other aimed abilities have an easier time landing heroes with bigger model than before. This obviously has a pretty big effect on the game metagame-wise. If it's something Icefrog had intended all along, then I suppose we as players learn to accept it and play along with it. However, I fail to see how for years Riki and Naix retain their size and suddenly with new game, their model size becomes twice as large.

    Please don't be mistaken; I'm all for the new things in DotA 2. But as one of many loyal fans of the game, I would like it in the direction towards a matter of convenience without altering the gameplay, and the meta of DotA 1.

    An example of a good new things in DotA 2 would be that if I have no unit selected and make an action (such as right click), the game instantly jumps to my character and carries the command for me. This is hugely convenient because the de-selection of hero is rather a moot, and an archaic feature of the past imho. This creates a positive feel for the game as it takes a step forward in the ARTS genre without losing or altering any gameplay value. A bad example would be such as that of discrepancies in hero models.

  • #2
    Because in dota 1 the model for lifestealer was the "tier 1" undead unit, he couldn't be big as fuck.
    If he was small in dota 2 he would seem weak. I think everything is fine.


    • #3
      the game feels bad cuz of the big models for a lot of heroes. the problem is not only the heroes are big, also creeps & buildings. and since i can block some paths with only the potm model, i guess the colision size is similar to the models. i am curious how this works, since units change the size a lot if they are on different levels. i would be glad if all the models have same size as on river, but everywhere.
      @swordz, everything is not just fine, this is one of the main reasons a lot of players feel constantly the need to zoom out. game is 2 claustrofobic atm, and probably they made models bigger so people will see how cool the models are, but they changed the feeling by doing that.
      some admin should tell us if this is a intendend move (for exemple) to make axe,windrunner,maiden,potm 2-3 times bigger then the original and make the map with same distances.


      • #4
        But the warcraft models were made based on the function of the original unit, hence why some were very small (workers) and very big (expensive units), you couldn't have the same thing on dota 2, they are all heroes.


        • #5
          u can put what size u want in dota1 on whatever unit u have. what is it that u want to say? that u think heroes should be larger then creeps? (this happens in dota1 for allmost all heroes except rikimaru, naix etc) what i am saying is that for some heroes like doom windrunner maiden axe etc models are ridicously bigger and this FACT changes how u feel when u play. i don't see ur argument why dota2 can't have same sizes like in dota1 for ALL THE UNITS, what is wrong in making all the dota players enjoy dota2 like they used 2?


          • #6
            Originally posted by Swordz View Post
            Because in dota 1 the model for lifestealer was the "tier 1" undead unit, he couldn't be big as fuck.
            If he was small in dota 2 he would seem weak. I think everything is fine.
            It seems that you are implying that Lifestealer's model size in DotA 1 was not controllable due to the model it was bound to; ghoul.
            However, this is untrue. The designer has a full control of how big or small he wishes the unit to be regardless of the model. And in fact, Lifestealer at one point was bigger than the normal ghoul mobs of DotA 1.


            • #7
              I disagree about the hero size, But I completely agree with you about creeps being too big, They are.


              • #8
                u disagree about what of the hero size? look at this exemple
                1440x900 was used for all the ss.
                Look at the TALON to see the difference, how tall is it in dota2, rax is bigger, tower is just a little taller and smaller as a volume. if all the models will be the size on the river everywhere, the game will feel much better when playing .


                • #9
                  some heroes are way too big ... some of them are intended to be smaller so u can't click easy on them .... like riky gondar (looking to dota1) ... heroes that are fragile or intended to be hard to kill. Buildings are too big, for example T4 towers hit u if u hit middle raxez from behind this not happens in dota1, creeps need a change too, same model for range/melee hard to make a diff between them and so on ... The map clearly needs to be looked at not only gameplay bugs at this point(spells and item bugs).


                  • #10
                    Yes the hero models are indeed to big.
                    And like ppasarel said you can block ways with a hero, thing that in dota1 wasn't possible.
                    In my opinion everything should be reduced, like they look on river, or something like that.
                    Or the best option should be to import the size models from dota.



                    • #11
                      Make the shit smaller so we don't feel like we have claustrophobia all the freakin' time.


                      • #12
                        Originally posted by StandAloneComplex View Post
                        I disagree about the hero size, But I completely agree with you about creeps being too big, They are.
                        I actually sometimes feel that the creeps are just a tad bit smaller than in DotA. They're also a bit harder to creep block.


                        • #13
                          Add BKB and you have Gigantic heroes. It's a bit too much for DOTA2 especially since it's suppose to be going for a cleaner visual style. Should tone down on the size increase, it already has a special effect now in any case because of the engine update.


                          • #14
                            yeah, i block my path with sniper manta illusions, in radiant jungle on small camp ramp, never happend in dota 1


                            • #15
                              i for one i would make the bkb effect without color, and that's it. problem solved with another incresed size of the units since they are already on steriods. the thing that i am affraid is that they did this so people will see in detail the hero, cuz maybe in some hearts it is different if tobi is screaming on stream DOOM IS BACK and he is small like in dota1