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[Confirmed] Maelstrom/Mjollnir should not proc when out of range/vision

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  • [Confirmed] Maelstrom/Mjollnir should not proc when out of range/vision

    Why not.

    Geminate Attack should only work if the target is within Weaver's Attack Range (425) plus Weaver's Attack Buffer (800) counting edge of collision. The target should also be in vision when it is fired.

    Some big courier snipe in TI3 because of this one.

    Also, Maelstrom and Mjollnir Chain Lightning all require vision too, but seem to have no range limitation.

    Credit stole from ThoAppelsin.
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  • #2
    How does static shield trigger in dota 2 currently? I've never really paid it much attention... But I confirm about OoS based skills & projectiles.
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    • #3
      I didn't really look at this one closely; I just slapped those other things on because I thought of them. Going back however, I can't proc Static Shield in Dota 2 using a Lina attacking at max speed. I also retract the spell buffer affecting Static Shield's cast (most likely), but not the Orb of Slow cast, although I am not entirely certain of the mechanics of either (I'd have to take a while to make a crappy testmap, but I'm fairly certain). In Dota 2, Static Shield has these variables:

                      "var_type"                "FIELD_INTEGER"
                      "static_primary_radius"    "600"
                      "var_type"                "FIELD_INTEGER"
                      "static_seconary_radius"    "900"
                      "var_type"                "FIELD_INTEGER"
                      "static_radius"            "300"
      and I'm not sure what they refer to.

      I edited out the spell buffer affecting Static Shield's cast range from my original post.


      • #4
        I didn't add it to the list either. Thanks for looking into it for me
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        • #5
          The Internet is entirely unhelpful on what Forked Lightning's fields do.

          Static Charge lightning: basically, draw a circle with 125 radius tangent to the caster's center. Draw another circle 900 away from the caster's center with 300 range. Draw two different lines that do not intersect in front of the caster that are tangent to both circles. That's the search AoE (the shape is similar to some images I posted for a bug on the list for Dual Breath's geometry). The primary target must be within 900 cast range (collision included) of the caster, and the two secondary targets are the two closest units to the primary target within the search AoE.

          I'm guessing right now the system Dota 2 uses is: choose primary target within 600 range, then choose secondary targets within 300 range of the primary and within 900 range of the caster. Regardless, something is incorrect if Lina cannot trigger it from her max attack range.

          Another note: if the source of the triggering damage in DotA 1 is a unit with Marker (either a dummy or a ward), then it fires Forked Lightning at the oldest unit (so prioritizes heroes) within 900 radius of the caster.


          • #6
            Okay. Feel free to report that one separately, IMO doesn't fit with OoS style stuff in this thread. We can always ask how it's meant to work on AM.
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            • #7
              Yeah, I was fiddling with some random stuff in a testmap when a friend asked me to play some matchmaking with them so this is as far as I got. ^^"

              I'll fiddle with Geminate Attack later if you don't ask AM first.


              • #8
                Geminate attack I'm happy with - that's pretty much just covered by the reference to the AM forum post, which I should be able to find
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                • #9
                  Fascinating. Chain Lightning Orb, regardless of any settings I put into it, the unit's range motion buffer, or the spell motion buffer, seems to have no range limit whatsoever to me. I suppose that Chain Lightning is exempt from this bug. (Edit: except for vision; they still require vision.)

                  Sorry for turning this into a more Brainstormy thread; I mostly wanted to jot down the Geminate Attack thing before it was lost to the AEther and toss out some random potential other issues while I was at it. I'll just copy-paste the Static Charge findings into a new thread.

                  (Also, in DotA 1, an attack command is not strictly necessary to proc Geminate Attack and other Orb of Slow orbs. The only requirement is that when the projectile lands, the unit is following any player-issued command.)
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                  • #10
                    I think you'll find that any non-orb helper skill should be fine. It'll just be because it's based on searing arrows. Good brainstorming though
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                    • #11
                      I think proccing on not visible units is not a big deal.

                      They set its range to 1300.
                      Please, just call me buny.