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[C] Spells which don't interrupt channeling spells can't be cast during casting times

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  • [C] Spells which don't interrupt channeling spells can't be cast during casting times

    Spells like Sprint, Rot, Pulse Nova and any other spell which doesn't cancel channeling spells can't be activated while the hero use his casting time for another spell. Those spells get activated after the hero finishes casting his current spell. It's almost like they get queued.
    They shouldn't wait for other spells to get finished at all, since they fully ignore any other command. They can take place while other commands are taking place, even during other spell's casting time.

    This bug leads to the same bug as with shift-queuing those spells. If used during casting animation, and then quickly queuing other commands leads in those other commands to get canceled once the spell gets activated. This is most noticable once again with Pudge. But other heroes suffer much from it, too.

    Repro with example Leshrac:

    1. Order Leshrac to cast Split Earth, Lightning Storm, or Diabolic Edict
    2. During the cast time of any of the named spells, press Pulse Nova hotkey


    Leshrac casts any of the named skills, after finishing the cast he activates Pulse Nova. Any other order afterwards is simply canceled and he starts auto-attacking.

    Expected result:
    Leshrac casts any of the named spells, as soon as Pulse Nova hotkey is pressed, Pulse Nova immediatly should get activated. After any of the named spells cast finishes, he performs his next order in the queue.

    This basically happens with every instant 0 casting time spell which doesn't interrupt channeling spells.

    This goes for:

    Wisp - Overcharge
    Elder Titan - Astral Spirit return
    Timbersaw - Chakram return
    Pudge - Rot
    Lord of Avernus - Borrowed time
    Slardar - Sprint
    Morphling - Morph
    Phantom Lancer - Doppelwalk
    Juggernaut - Blade Fury
    Bounty Hunter - Shadow Walk
    Ursa - Enrage
    Weaver - Shukuchi
    Nyx Assassin - Vendetta
    Slark Shadow - Dance
    Medusa Mana - Shield
    Clinkz - Strafe
    Clinkz - Skeleton Walk
    Invoker - Ghostwalk
    Leshrac - Pulse Nova
    Witch Doctor - Voodoo Restauration

    Additionally, Pudge has an extra bug.

    1. Order Pudge to cast Dismember
    2. During the cast time of Dismember (not channel time, cast time), press Rot hotkey
    3. During Dismember, press Rot hotkey again so it gets turned on during Dismember

    When Dismember ends, Rot gets turned off, and the typical queue messing happens.

    Expected result:
    Rot should activate on the first click during the cast time and deactivate on the second click during the channel.
    Please, just call me buny.

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    There was a thread on this relating to Rot + Dismember. I confirm. I also can't find the original thread.
    Comprehensive Damage Reduction & Amplifications Dota 2 Guide


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      Originally posted by Wyn-Ryder View Post
      There was a thread on this relating to Rot + Dismember. I confirm. I also can't find the original thread.
      Yes, that thread is like the reason why I made these threads. That thread isn't quite clear and only mentions Pudge with Rot, while it applies to way more spells.
      Please, just call me buny.