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[Fixed] Meepo's Respawning Seperately After Buyback

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  • [Fixed] Meepo's Respawning Seperately After Buyback

    Match ID. 354338909 - Game Time 28:25

    Following a buyback the additional respawn time was not properly given to all meepos and one of the clones was allowed to respawn before the rest.

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    Anyone can confirm?
    Please, just call me buny.


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      Yes. A Meepo shows up at replay time 28:30 (game time 24:34) when the rest of the Meepos are still dead for 16 more seconds.

      My suspicion is that it was caused by Meepo buying back when 17, reaching 18, and dying again. The Meepos that were extant during the buyback got the extra time added to their death timer, but the new Meepo created at 18 did not.

      I'll see if I can get reproduction steps.
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        Hello everyone, first post!!, i can confirm this, i think it has to do with the new clone at level 4 "i think."

        When you buyback, you get some extra time added to the next respawn, then when you die again, the meepo clone will respawn likely on the normal time, as if it were ignoring the added respawn time from the 6.79 patch, then, after the rest of meepos respawns, the already alive meepo is sended back to the fountain.

        Thats what the logic of my 8 years of programming tells me, also i can provide a match id for the replay.


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          After a player buys back, his next death is supposed to have a longer duration (as of 6.79). However, if Meepo gained an extra clone between buying back and dying again, that Meepo will not have the penalty applied and so will spawn early.


          Get level 3.
          Buyback instantly.
          Get level 4.
          Skill up Meepo's ultimate.

          Alternative reproduction

          Getting a scepter between buyback and next death has the same effect. The following shows a high level case with a long death timer...

          Use cheat -lvlup 25
          Take all skill points (you now have 4 Meepos).
          Buyback instantly.
          Use cheat -item item_ultimate_scepter


          The newly created Meepo was not given the extra death penalty from the buyback (because it did not exist during the buyback), and so spawns early.

          Expected Result

          All Meepos spawn at the same time.


          This is more consequential at the higher levels (e.g. the 17/18 transition) as the new Meepo may actually have time to get stuff done. It is, however, teleported back to the fountain upon the respawn of the others.
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            Happened to me. Posted also didn't see this coming.

            match number 356019922

            at time 34:09

            Just realized that the technicalities were different but mine happened while waiting to respawn. 1 meepo respwaned earlier than the others.


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              I am sorry i duplicated this thread.
              I can confirm this bug


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                Please note that a vaguely similar, and arguably more important, bug is at:
                Fizz on / Jimmy M on Youtube (a pseudonym)


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                  this bug again at