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[Fixed] Maelstrom/mjollnir won't proc when a chain lightning is in effect

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  • [Fixed] Maelstrom/mjollnir won't proc when a chain lightning is in effect

    described here

    If one lightning procs, another won't until first one finishes traveling.

    Easy check: build 6 maelstroms, attacks won't proc chain lightning until first lightning finishes traveling (proccing on almost every attack for 1 target, very rarely if it hits a lot of targets becaus e of slow traveling). Even though stacking maelstroms is somewhat weird, that happens with 1 maelstrom too, effectively reducing chances of chain lightning.

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    Isn't this like in DotA1?
    Please, just call me buny.


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      Originally posted by bu3ny View Post
      Isn't this like in DotA1?
      It isn't. Just tested and there were a lot of double and triple chains flying around.

      Repro steps:

      6 mjollnirs or maelstroms. When there are a lot of targets, only 1 lightning active at time, resulting in 1 lightning every 6-8 hits. When 1 target remains, almost every hit is a lightning.

      something with low bat (oracle), mjollnir, 5 hyperstones. throw a lot of attacks on slow game speed, watch many lightnings fly around dealing damage.
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        Xin is released now, Mjollnir on it's Recommended Situational Items but this is still an issue that makes the item pretty much useless on him.
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          This should help:

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            I was testing this as well. In Dota 1, Maelstrom/Mjollnir can proc while the previous chain lightning is still active.
            However, the bouncing effect is bugged like how Luna's glaives, and Death Wards attack are. If a chain lightning is cast before the previous one finishes, the bounces will "lose their place" and bounce between the two closest units until the bounce count reaches 0. Zeus used to have a similar problem with his Arc Lightning where he couldn't cast another Arc Lightning before the previous Arc Lightning has stopped bouncing.

            Maelstrom/Mjollnir should have a 0 second cd on their proc, allowing multiple chain lightnings to be active at the same time.

            Everything I mentioned is described in this thread

            In Dota 2 to test this, create 8 enemy heroes and space them out to the maximum Mjollnir chain lightning bounce range.
            Buy 6 Mjollnirs (to increase proc chance as OP described) and attack the first enemy.
            Even though the change of proc'ing a chain lightning is almost 100%, it is impossible to proc a second chain lightning before the first one reaches its final target.


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              Please, just call me buny.


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                Still not on the list.


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                  ^ It is.

                  783. Maestrom/Mjollnir don't proc chain lightnings, when one chainlightning is still travelling
                  Please, just call me buny.


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                    Not sure why doesn't search work for "mjollnir" (maybe because it's right after the slash) but Maelstrom is mistyped.


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                      Mjollnir worked for me.

                      Fixed typo.
                      Please, just call me buny.


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                        can this bug ever get fixed lol?


                        • #13
                          It's actually an odd 'help' to Slark and a weakness at the same time, the help is quite minor in that it can prevent some magic damage killing the enemy faster which results in additional Essence Shift charges being gained. The idea of it being a minor help isn't really relevant for early levels of Essence Shift. It's annoying for any high attack speed hero besides Slark(unless he's being surrounded dangerously) that I can think of and it should be fixed. In many circumstances this 'help' is not needed. If you really want to gain Essence Shift charges, do it when the opponents have heroes that can take a lot of attacks and still survive such as them carrying Aegis or using Borrowed Time when you attack them. I know Mjollnir works a little too good on Slark for 1 on 1 fights(presuming other units are nearby but simply irrelevant thus making the bug appear very clearly) and not good enough in 1 on 5 or similar fights. The best way to deal with Slark is to go 5 on 1 against him, but arguably Slark's best tool for fighting those kinds of fights doesn't even work properly with this bug here.
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                            can u fix this, its making sniper not viable for years


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                              Originally posted by Straylian View Post
                              can u fix this, its making sniper not viable for years
                              You read my mind. Sniper is viable. But Maelstrom/Mjollnir is really being limited by this bug. I never even realized it until I read this thread. I hope it gets fixed. I bought a Mjollnir against a team with Meepo, CK w/ manta, and TB w/ manta. I was underwhelmed by the amount of chain lightning procs. No wonder nobody buys mjollnir against PL. I thought it's solely because PL magic resistance is higher than normal, but this bug is a major contributing factor for the fail rate of Maelstrom/Mjollnir.