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[Fixed] Earth spirit perma ball

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  • [Fixed] Earth spirit perma ball

    Rubick lasso mid ball causes permanent ball.


  • #2
    The 1st time seems to work properly, but the 2nd cast gets him stuck. That's the result of my tests.
    And it's only Rubick causing this. Works fine when Batrider casts it.

    Please, just call me buny.


    • #3
      earth spirit rolling got stuck and cant move

      summary :
      earth spirit got stuck in rolling skill when he got stun or bind when using rolling skill
      it cant move and cant use rolling skill again, it just can use any other skill and item
      teleport and reconnecting can be done but not solve the problem
      it solved until the earth die and respawn again

      repro steps:
      use rolling skill
      stuned or bind when in roll condition

      result :
      earth just roll on his place and not move anywhere
      earth cant move too

      expected :
      the earth roll into front and hitting the enemy

      P.S : i have a save replay in my game history but i dont know how to post or re-video from replay


      • #4
        match id : 396397274
        minute 24:38 - 30:00
        i'm still newbie,help me to be better


        • #5
          Regarding jshandy's 396397274 (24:36 or so),

          I confirm the replay shows Earth Spirit getting stuck in a non-moving boulder for ages. Looks like that case is caused by the Batrider ult that happens at the same time.

          Rubick is in the game but on the same team as Earth Spirit.
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          Fizz on / Jimmy M on Youtube (a pseudonym)


          • #6
            Hmm, as I tried it, only Rubick's net bugged it.

            Merged threads.
            Please, just call me buny.


            • #7
              I was able now to reproduce it with a single Batrider ult. It's probably timing dependent, I think you have to catch him in the 0.6 seconds of non-motion.


              This screenshot was taken with the bug in effect -- we can see the modifier "modifier_earth_spirit_rolling_boulder_caster" hasn't been cleared.
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              Fizz on / Jimmy M on Youtube (a pseudonym)


              • #8
                In-game example, no Rubick in match at all.


                • #9
                  Video posted in other thread:
                  Fizz on / Jimmy M on Youtube (a pseudonym)


                  • #10
                    I reproduced this after being stuck in roll after being grabbed by batrider. If Batrider uses his ult in the time span that Earth Spirit is "charging up" / spinning but not moving he gets stuck in spinning after the ultimate. Only solution is dying.


                    • #11
                      How is this bug only low priority? People who know this bug can abuse it and win the game. It's not hard to pull off. I got stuck in a ranked match, and luckily my team had already broken base/was winning. But there was absolutely no way for me to unstuck myself but suicide somehow.
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                      • #12
                        Ignore the priority stuff in the list. It will get updated soon.
                        Please, just call me buny.


                        • #13
                          can they just nerf that shit hero? its making the mm experience pure shit