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[Fixed] Ember spirit cannot function properly after a remnant failure.

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  • [Fixed] Ember spirit cannot function properly after a remnant failure.

    Now i've read about some bugs being with ember spirit's revenant's and teleporting failures.
    However i think this is a bit different than the others.

    Summary: Being unable to attack, move, use sleight of fist or activate Fire Remnant after having used it. Until i'm killed and revived.

    Repro: Hard to say.

    Result: Being a bit stuck. Seemed tp scroll worked, though. But still a game-changing bug where one cannot attack the enemy.

    Expected result: Being able to move, attack, use sleight of fist and activate Fire Remnant.

    Matchid: 388729689 at ~0:40..

  • #2
    I also experienced this same issue, I might hunt down the match id later on and post here. I actually couldn't even TP the first time I tried. But then, after a minute or so, I could (which makes even less sense).


    • #3
      The replay from the OP does indeed show him getting stuck at about 39:55 (replay time). At 40:13 the combat log shows that even a cog push from Clockwerk (which interrupted his TP) isn't moving him (though he doesn't seem to be close enough to the cogs to get hit at all).

      I don't think it can be due to the scenery, because the pole thing he stands next to is normally completely passable, as far as I can tell.

      Oh, and at 40:55 a creep gets stuck in a nearby position.
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      • #4
        Note for future readers: there's another report of this here:
        Fizz on / Jimmy M on Youtube (a pseudonym)


        • #5
          Sorry for bumping this, but it happened to me. I was stuck by Disruptor's kinect field, used remnant, got stuck forever, lost the game because free kill.


          • #6
            Happened to me today. I was freed via force staff from ally. Sorry for bumping as well but any other workarounds discovered for this issue in the interim? Thanks.

            Match ID: 470083611 (All Pick)
            Date and Time: Jan 16/ 1:01:40AM (GMT +8)
            Spanned from: 59:57 to 62:65 mark.


            • #7
              are you sure you are not trapped on a cliff or something


              • #8

                I count exactly 45 seconds between when I cast my remnant and when I activated it, so that's more evidence for the the "remnant expired as you were in flight" hypothesis.


                • #9
                  dota2://matchid=598799573&matchtime=1210 (~20 min)

                  Just happened to me, I wanted to go on my remants, but instead I get instant TP on it (no travelling animation) and get stuck unable to do anything (except using my phase boots, so I guess it doesnt apply to items).

                  I have no idea how to trigger the glitch, I was just backing then coming back from fountain.


                  • #10
                    The same thing happened to me here's the ID 600485470

                    But another bug happened too..

                    Right after i sleighted a clinkz my hero model wouldn't show up.. I could move use spells everything normally, just the hero model wouldn't appear.

                    So the getting stuck glitch happens at around 10 min mark in game time and the hero model dissappearance happens(and the glitch was visible to at least my team) at around 26 min mark in game


                    • #11
                      Yeah I remember this happening to me back in November too. In my case, OD astral'd me right as I activated a remnant to run to it.

                      When the astral finished, I warped to the remnant, but after that I was stuck in place just like the OP.

                      It could be that during the OD astral, my remnant faded. So the problem might be that some abilities which delay the warping process need to cancel the warp, or maintain the remnant etc until its used. Not sure what the exact fix should be though.
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                      • #12
                        Although this was reported fixed in the Spring Cleaning update, there are reports that this still happens, e.g. this was posted on Reddit today:


                        The game was played yesterday: 716397844 at 14:38.

                        The timing makes it seem like the remnant expired just as the dash was happening.
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                          Please, just call me buny.


                          • #14
                            In fact, I was able to reproduce this by casting the dash exactly as the remnant expired. It's not that difficult if you note carefully the timer on the buff that casting a remnant gives you. (I took about 4 attempts.)

                            So I think we have the cause: casting the dash ("Activate Fire Remnant") as the remnant expires.

                            I think it's easier to reproduce if there's a large distance between yourself and the remnant (unsure).

                            If the bug triggers, it transports you to the location of a previous remnant (which of course will also have expired or been used) or to the centre of the map (coordinates 0,0).

                            For example, in the replay 716397844 above, he actually gets transported to the location of a remnant he had cast (and used) at 13:40 replay time.
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                            Fizz on / Jimmy M on Youtube (a pseudonym)


                            • #15
                              The distance shouldnt matter much, since it takes about same time to reach the remnants, no matter how far or close. You get either moved by 1.3k ms or reach the remnant in 0.4 seconds, whichever is faster.
                              Please, just call me buny.