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[Confirmed] Witch Doctor Ward not targeting magic immune targets.

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  • [Confirmed] Witch Doctor Ward not targeting magic immune targets.

    So witch doctor ward does physical damage and as I remember, it could target and attack directly magic immune targets.

    I don't know if this was done officially or it is there by mistake but now witch doctor ward ignores magic immune targets and does not attack them; the bounces from lvl 3 and/or the scepter upgrade can still jump and damage from a normal target to a magic immune target. But in a situation of 1vs1 the ward completely ignores the target if is in a magic immune state.

    The best example for this is Life stealer, before I a combo of pudge and witch doctor against a solo life stealer worked because if life stealer uses rage, pudge ults him to hold him while witch doctor used his ward (ult) to damage the enraged(BKB/magic immune) life stealer.

    Can someone confirm me if this is intended or if is working as intended please.
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    I can't confirm with a video, but I do recall seeing an engagement in one of my games last night that WD droped his Ult and it started targeting one person and then that person used BKB and WD's ult jumped to a different person. I can try and fine the match ID when I get home tonight.


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      Just tested to make sure, right now Death Ward can not target a magic immune unit.

      This was an old bug that Valve fixed a while back, but I guess it cropped up again when they set him up for Wraith Night:
      Last edited by Drkirby; 12-20-2013, 02:41 PM.


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        Thanks for confirming this Drkirby and let's hope it gets fix soon.


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          I confirm as well. The behaviour (no attacks on BKB target) has only recently been added, as shown by the fact that (right now) Main differs from Test in this way. Test was last updated a week or so ago, so the bug is new since then.
          Fizz on / Jimmy M on Youtube (a pseudonym)


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            Bump, this has been confirmed so we need a mod to change the tag in the title. Would like to see this fix asap since this something Witch Doctor needs!


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              Please, just call me buny.


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                Uh, this seems to have been hotfixed. I can't reproduce it now.

                Ah, I see it can still be reproduced in a locally hosted game, but not a Valve-hosted game. So the server has been updated but not distributed to the masses yet.
                Last edited by Fizz; 12-21-2013, 08:37 AM.
                Fizz on / Jimmy M on Youtube (a pseudonym)