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[Confirmed] Vision bug with trees in the Radiant Jungle

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  • [Confirmed] Vision bug with trees in the Radiant Jungle

    Hey guys,

    I was testing stuff out and I noticed one spot that has a pretty strange vision bug. It shows as if you had vision of the area, but units disappear as if you didn't. Here is a short video I recorded to show you the spot and the bug in question. It may also mean some other areas might share the same problem

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    I've had the same issue on the mid lane.

    Try it with Slark and see if his ult gets deactivated.


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      Tested it quickly, Slark ultimate passive is still active when in the "should be seen but can't be seen" area.


      • #4
        This happens in many other places, I have screenshots I'll post later.

        1. I assume this one is related to the vision blockers near Roshan?

        2. There are creeps in every single camp, but they don't appear

        3. Similar to #1 and the opposite of #2

        4. Same bug OP posted, different place

        5. This one is caused by Slark's Shadow Dance, if you just put a Slark in the red circle, then you will normally get vision of him and none of the bugs above will occur, however, if Slark uses Shadow Dance, then you will only get vision of the shadow for like a second and Slark will disappear, in this pic, there's a Slark in his ult

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          It's clear that the client and the server are using slightly different algorithms for determining what a unit can see. Mostly they give the same result, but not always, leading to these discrepancies.
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            So, should this get added as a bug of its own or merged with another thread?


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              Originally posted by Noo View Post
              So, should this get added as a bug of its own or merged with another thread?

              leave it to the bug section mods ^^(alias bunny/etc)
              If you find spelling errors, you are free to take them.


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                  gonna paste something of me here too (this 'Map Issues' section is dead anyways)

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                    Maybe merge this with the wards thread?


                    • #11
                      I see a lot of pro players not quickly reacting to heroes they should have vision of.


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                        Why is it not marked as confirmed?
                        Pretty annoying and gamebreaking bug >.>


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                          Looks like vision on client and on server is calculated separately to improve the performance on low-end machines by increasing vision cells without affecting gameplay
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