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No damage from killing a unit during Duel that's already under Duel

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  • No damage from killing a unit during Duel that's already under Duel

    Is this intended behavior?

    I was rubick and stole Duel from LC right after she cast it on an ally hero, then mid-duel I cast Duel on LC, she died by my teammates and I lived, but I did not get any bonus damage from it. Around 27:00 on match 439137109.

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    This is already in the bug list.
    Please, just call me buny.


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      While I do see the thread you are referring to ( and I agree it seems it is probably related, a key distinguishing fact is that:

      The other report says that Rubick did gain damage when he won a duel. If the enemy won the duel the enemy would not gain damage.
      (Rubick duels Enemy)-> If Rubick wins Rubick gets damage, if enemy wins enemy doesn't get damage

      Specifically this bug is that Rubick dueled a LC that was was dueling someone else, Rubick won, and Rubick did not gain any damage.
      (Rubick duels LC that is dueling a different target)-> Rubick wins and does not get damage

      Unanswered questions:
      1) If Rubick lost the duel he started against the dueling LC, would LC have gained damage? (I have not tested this)
      2) Did Rubick's ally hero that LC was dueling gain damage when LC died? (I did not check in the replay)

      Since LC is technically engaged in two duels at once, I think this is where the bug is creeping in. Likely this two duels at once was never taken into account


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        i think in dota1 u cant duel someone is in a duel already. it seems to be a more logical solution.


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          I was just reading some comments in the reddit thread linked by the other report, which say that if Rubick casts Duel on LC, the duel animation plays for Rubick and Rubick gets locked into a duel (which is what I saw) but LC doesn't even respond to it.

          I would have to test it to be sure on the mechanics, I don't quite remember from the replay and I haven't rewatched it yet to check the details.

          I do agree that it simply saying "cannot duel a target that is already in a duel" message and not allowing the spell to be cast seems easy and straightforward.


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            No damage from killing a unit during Duel that's already under Duel

            Repro steps:

            1. Pick LC Radiant, Rubick and Bat Dire
            2. Make LC Duel the Bat
            3. Make Rubick Duel LC while she's already in a Duel
            4. Make LC die while she's under both of the Duel

            Result: Only Bat gains damage
            Expected result: Both Rubick and Bat should gain damage


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              Is this a case of only LC getting damage from Duels? There have been reports about Rubick or his target gaining no damage when winning a duel.
              Please, just call me buny.


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                  Not confirmed, that's why I didn't find it.

                  Well, it's no the same one on the list, as Walkingcarpet explained.


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                    Merged and added.
                    Please, just call me buny.


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