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[Fixed] Mjollnir's Static Charge hitting units outside 900 AoE

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  • [Fixed] Mjollnir's Static Charge hitting units outside 900 AoE

    Static Charge currently targets whoever dealt the damage that procs it, instead of hitting units within 900 AoE of the buff holder.


    1. Pick Ancient Apparition and level up Ice Blast.
    2. Create a few enemy bots near Roshan (one allied bot for vision), and type "-givebots item_mjollnir".
    3. Use the Static Charge buff on each enemy bot.
    4. Cast Ice Blast on the bots.

    Result: Static Charge will hit AA regardless of where he is on the map, as well as any allies within 900 AoE of him.

    Expected Result: Static Charge will hit units within 900 AoE of the buff holder.

  • #2
    So that's what causes those random 3k+ range lightnings!
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    • #3
      Actually, this is how it is in dota 1.


      • #4
        Originally posted by mrcodehpr01 View Post
        Actually, this is how it is in dota 1.
        Tested it with 6.80c on Gnoll Assassins, and the poison only triggered the Static Charge within 900 range.


        • #5
          Funny "bug." Since it only hits the damage dealer outside of 900 range, I like it!


          • #6
            i have seen this a few times. it's hilarious to be honest


            • #7
              To be clear: the 6.80 behavior of Mjollnir's target selection has nothing to do with the previous 6.79 Forked Lightning-based selection.

              As of 6.80:
              • It may proc whenever the shielded unit is damaged from any source.
              • The damage source does NOT need to be within 900 AoE.
              • However, all Static Lightning targets must be within 900 AoE.
              • If the source unit is inside 900 AoE (this is mistakenly 25 units too low in DotA 1...), it is always included in the five targets. Four other targets are chosen.
              • Otherwise, five valid targets within 900 AoE are chosen.
              • Valid targets are enemy non-structure non-Marker non-Ancients except Spirit Bear within 900 (925 center-to-center) distance.
              • Valid targets chosen should bias towards Heroes and "older" units.
              • The only conditions are those stated above. If the damage source or any of the other chosen targets cannot be hit (Spell Immunity), then the Lightning target is not reselected. One or more targets may simply fail in this case.
              • The conditions stated above do not apply to the triggering damage source. It will attempt to Lightning the triggering source as long as it is within 900 range, and will only reconsider this target choice if the source is outside 900 range.


              • #8
                Please, just call me buny.


                • #9
                  Static Shock area of effect is now centered around the unit with the Static Charge, rather than around the attacker
                  Still not fixed. It still hits units far beyond 900 AoE of the buff holder.

                  The distance is somewhere around 1200-1300 in the screenshot. Tested it at longer range (T2 radiant bottom to below Roshan) and still damaged Dark Seer.


                  • #10
                    Are the secondary targets chosen correctly? That is, can the non-damaging units hit be outside 900 radius?


                    • #11
                      The secondary targets are chosen correctly now. Forgot to test that again, whoops


                      • #12
                        It also hits units in fog and invisible.