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[Confirmed] Rubick - Telekinesis bug?

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  • [Confirmed] Rubick - Telekinesis bug?

    Hi everyone.

    Playing Rubick a lot, I've found it funny enough to launch enemies to the highgorund with Telekinesis. Of course, it happens not very often, because most (but not all ) enemies know that trick. Anyway, last few days (after 6.81 patch, I guess) I have failed with that trick because Rubick simply did not want to land enemies somewhere. I know, that you *should face* your opponent in case you want to change the landing position, but... I think, you should just watch the video of the latest case when this happened: (click the white button under the green one to download video in the original quality; just not sure you'll see that page in English)

    As you can see in the video, I was trying to launch LC to the highground. Looking at skills panel, you can't see I'm clicking "Q" multiple times after using Telekinesis to change the landing position, but just look at Rubick's model to be sure I was actually doing everything properly (he's trying to cast something multiple times while LC is in air; that does mean I did not have misclick pressing "A" instead of "Q", for example)

    I can't actually remember this happened to me before, only few times on the past few days (and sometimes trick was successfull).

    Match ID: 640258860
    Moment: Bot rune, near 0:10 by game time after creeps started their business (near 00:04:28 by replay time)

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    You can no longer cliff enemys. That was never intended to work that way btw
    If you find spelling errors, you are free to take them.


    • #3
      Checked in local lobby with wtf mode. Ok, looks you are right. That's sad
      Anyway, there is bug then:
      If you want to cliff enemy directly, you'll fail. If you, instead, will set up first landing point to any place, but not cliff, and then re-set landing point to the cliff - trick will be successfull. Anyway, if the enemy is on the cliff already, you can't do anything with it (can't drop him down; did not show this in the video).
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      • #4
        Video is broken.
        Please, just call me buny.


        • #5
          Strange, everything is OK with video for me.



          • #6
            You can still cliff enemies with Rubick in 6.81. It's more complicated, but works the same way it worked in 6.80. Wait for Na'Vi Dota 2 Tricks, should be next week.


            • #7
              This is a band-aid fix.. I've seen several fixes regarding this, but none of them didn't work well.

              I don't think this is so balance breaking.


              • #8
                Anyway, any response from moderators? Was it planned to leave some tricky way to cliff enemies, or is it really a bug and shouldn't be used by honest players until finally fixed?
                And yes, probably this thread should be closed and (possibly) marked somehow.
                Last edited by someAlex; 05-06-2014, 02:46 PM.


                • #9
                  Bug for sure. Nice try, volvo, fix better.


                  • #10
                    Ok, it's fixed now: can't cliff enemies no more even using that trick. Good job, developers.
                    Last edited by someAlex; 05-11-2014, 08:46 AM.


                    • #11
                      Still possible:

                      Plus those cliffs are still abusable:

                      Known Tooltips and UI information Issues List
                      Unreleased heroes data:

                      Hero Balance Compilation 6.48 onwards
                      Items and Other Balance compilation 6.48 onwards
                      Dota 1 6.81c Test Map


                      • #12
                        Ok, you are right. And thank you for examples.

                        (I think I just used to land enemies *FAR* away to cliff them, so I didn't try to use that ability *CLOSE* to a cliff a lot).


                        • #13
                          Someone demonstrated that the spam-clicking wasn't necessary; if an valid point is targeted, then the old cliff abuse is possible on subsequent clicks.


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                            • #15
                              So, I've just downloaded test client to check some new features and to look at new map, but also I've found that everything we were talking in this topic - it's gone. I mean, Rubick can launch enemies at cliffs again.

                              Is it intended? Looks like yes, but I would love to hear some moderator's answer.
                              Also, this topic should be removed from the bug list in case it's intended.