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[Confirmed] Duel fails to award damage when the Duel caster dies to Iceblast shatter

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  • [Confirmed] Duel fails to award damage when the Duel caster dies to Iceblast shatter

    While playing Viper I was dueled by a Legion Commander who died approximately one third of the way through the duel duration and I did not receive the damage bonus. The Legion Commander had her buffs, Viper Strike, Poison Attack and Ice Blast effecting her. Viper was awarded the kill credit.

    I don't really have the means to test the three character interaction between Viper, Legion Commander and Ancient Apparition. While I haven't reproduced the effect I watched the replay and it clearly indicates that Legion Commander died mid-duel and Viper did not receive bonus damage.

    The match ID is: 738286593. It occurs at 30:00

    Here is the battle log:
    30:13.57] Brewmaster hits Viper for 69 damage (1309->1240).
    [30:13.57] Brewmaster receives Corrosive Skin Slow debuff from Viper.
    [30:13.71] Viper hits Legion Commander for 159 damage (292->133).
    [30:13.71] Viper hits Legion Commander with Corrosive Skin for 18 damage (133->115).
    [30:13.71] Legion Commander loses Corrosive Skin Slow debuff.
    [30:13.71] Legion Commander loses Duel debuff.
    [30:13.71] Legion Commander loses Poison Attack debuff.
    [30:13.71] Legion Commander loses Press the Attack buff.
    [30:13.71] Legion Commander loses Viper Strike Slow debuff.
    [30:13.71] Legion Commander loses Frostbitten debuff.
    [30:13.71] Viper hits Legion Commander with Ice Blast for 115 damage.
    [30:13.71] Legion Commander is killed by Viper!
    [30:13.71] Viper loses Duel debuff.

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    Ice Blast shatter caused it.

    The shatter seems to remove the Duel debuff.
    It's odd though.

    When the Duel caster wins the Duel and the target dies to Shatter during Duel, the Duel caster will get the damage.
    When the Duel target wins the Duel and the caster dies to Shatter during Duel, the Duel target will get no damage.

    E: It seems to work fine with Culling Blade. The purging effect from Culling Blade doesn't cause any problems with Duel.

    Adjusted title and added.
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      Legion Commander's duel does not give damage to opponent after defeat

      I noticed it was listed in the known bugs list that Legion Commander didn't get damage if she won the duel right after the cast, but it wasn't specified if the opposite was also true. It just happened to my friend in a game.

      Rough repro:
      He was magnus, had just skewered LC, and she dueled him shortly after. She had recently been hit by AA's ult and was frostbitten, and activated her armlet before the duel (if this matters at all, just in case). She died quickly after, and even though magnus was the clear winner, he did not receive bonus damage.

      Would upload replay but it's not letting me for some reason. Will try again later if it's needed.


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        just give match id and timestamp
        English is not my main language and im not very good at it so if you see a mistake please ignore it


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          I'd guess it's the same issue as here and Iceblast purges the duel upon shattering


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            Merged threads
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              EternaLEnVy Duel Interaction Bug

              EE just experienced a bug on his stream where he did not acquire the set amount of duel damage for winning a duel. There might be a bugged aspect to Ancient Apparition's ultimate during a duel. The Legion Commander died from the health threshold and EE did not receive the duel damage.


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                  For future: always add match id and timestamp. Edit your post when the match ended.

                  copy from the reddit thread:


                  Match ID: 1306127633
                  Time stamp: 9:35
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                    Please, just call me buny.


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                      Legion Commander's duel doesn't give damage bonus if one dies to Frostbitten curse

                      Legion Commander's duel doesn't provide damage bonus if one of the duelers dies to the Frostbitten curse (ultimate ability) of Ancient Apparition.
                      If you want to see it, check match 1655955537 at 17:50.


                      • #12
                        Ancient Apparition prevents enemy from getting duel wins

                        Hero: Legion Commander
                        Ability: Duel

                        Opponent: Ancient Apparition
                        Ability: Ice Blast

                        MatchID: 2002517884 Dotabuff (34:30 & 44:50 mark)

                        If Legion Commander uses duel someone, and gets affected by Ice Blast from AA, and the LC dies during the duel duration the opponent wont get the duel win.

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                          Still the case, Match ID 2175712674 @ 10:05


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                            For whatever reason, the kill command from Ice Blast supersedes the Duel, so when they shatter it does not check for duel conditions.


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                              Duel bag

                              В одной из игр Legion commander бросила дуэль троллю. Дуэль была проиграна, а урон троллю не прибавился. Пересмотрел момент на реплее 3 раза.
                              Матч №2516371391 на 13 минуте.