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[Confirmed] Ground-Attacking with invisible units

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  • [Confirmed] Ground-Attacking with invisible units

    There are two issues with ground-attack and invisibilty:
    1. ground attack does not work against neutral camps during invisibility. This is especially inconvenient for Lycan and Broodmother's units. It works against all other units, just not neutrals.

    Edit: Upon further inspection, it seems the ground attack command does not work on neutrals at all, until the neutrals become hostile, which of course does not happen if a unit is invisible

    2. The ground attack command (or any attack command) is disabled once the unit reaches its destination (or becomes inactive). This occurs for all invisible units, whether they receive invisibility before or after becoming idle. Repro: Summon level 4 wolves with lycan, attack-ground to a spot where enemy creeps will walk but haven't yet, wolves will stay hiding as the creeps walk past. If new spiderlings are spawned with no nearby units to attack, they won't attack the next unit that comes close.
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    1. Already reported

    2. Seems to be true.

    When you start becoming invisible after getting attack ground order, the order will turn into a regular move order when there aren't any enemies within acquisition range while becoming invisible.
    This contradicts with the currently intended behaviour of invisible units when getting attack ground order.
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    Please, just call me buny.


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      Attack Move Bugged AF

      Using A-Left Click to run down a lane will frequently cause the selected unit to behave as though you right clicked where you A-Clicked. Other times it will act as though you have Smart Attack Move on (when you certainly do not). Occasionally it will act as expected.

      I found this especially bad when trying to send Lycan Wolves down the lane. I had x2 Wolves and x2 Necro Minions selected, A-Clicked them down the lane. Often both wolves would just run to the where I clicked, but the Necro Minions would behave correctly. Sometimes only ONE wolf would glitch out. Sometimes everything did, including the Minions.

      All of the above can happen when Heroes use A-Click too.

      Second time I've posted this, hopefully it isn't ignored this time.