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[Confirmed] Mirana leaps out of pounce of Slark

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  • [Confirmed] Mirana leaps out of pounce of Slark

    So yesterday I played Slark and pounced on a mirana and she actually just leaped out of it like a storm spirit zips out of it , she was out of the pounce range but the leach thing was still on her.
    Any explaination or is this a bug ?

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    if nessesary i can take my time and make a screeshot


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      mirana also leaps out from cm's frostbite and trent's ulti
      I like to do stupid stuff even when i know it's stupid.


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        Originally posted by ShadowReturns View Post
        mirana also leaps out from cm's frostbite and trent's ulti
        That's not related, Frostbite and Overgrowth are Entangle.

        Post a match ID and a timestamp, OP.


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          Match ID and Time

          Match ID: 778216939
          Ingame Time: 23:02
          Replay Time: 29:02

          Also , in dota 1 storm couldnt jump out of pounce with his ult , is that a bug or ment to be
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            Yeah, weird, I can't reproduce it.

            And yes, SS's ult level 1 and 2 breaking the leash is a bug.


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              Did the pounce hit during the leap?
              Please, just call me buny.


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                Originally posted by bu3ny View Post
                Did the pounce hit during the leap?
                No it didnt , i pounced on her and she leaped about half way throught the pounce duration


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                  Originally posted by Noo View Post
                  Yeah, weird, I can't reproduce it.
                  I think i know the solution , she leaped over treees, right , maybe you cant stand inbetwen those trees and thats why dota moved her further away from me and that broke the pounce , so its just a rare bug that can only happen in special areas. Could that be it?


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                      anyone ??


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                        I found one particular case then Leap can break Pounce: when you leap over unpathable terrain and pathing system pushes you out side of Leash.

                        However, this seems to be not the case in this Na'Vi vs. Fnatic game. If someone can provide replay or battle logs it could greatly help.
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                          Please, just call me buny.


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                            Ran into this today, there was trees nearby but they didn't seem to be really in the path of the leap.

                            match ID 1310267447
                            game time 32:40
                            combatlog time 49:37