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[Confirmed] Greater Bash cancels attack ground command

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  • [Confirmed] Greater Bash cancels attack ground command

    Spirit Breaker somehow changes attack ground command into a target right click when he uses Greater Bash. That is, if Greater Bash will proc, he will continue to attack his target until he is dead but, unless Auto Attack After Spell is toggled on, he will stop attacking anyone in the area. Even with Auto Attack After Spell turned on, he will no longer attack move to the intended target area.

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    Please, just call me buny.


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      Probably a side effect of this change:

      Basicaly hero kept switching targets after greater bash occured to whatever unit that was closer instead of attacking unit you right clicked.
      It was fixed at some point, but seeing the issue you discovered, one can only asume that this fix works in a way that after a greater bash proc, sb is ordered to attack bashed unit and thus overriding your last attack move command.
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        ^Yes, it's a side effect of that.

        Greater Bash proc gives sb an order to attack the target it proc'd on, so other orders get canceled.
        Please, just call me buny.


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          I just noticed that this also happens with maelstrom procs.


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            Only happens if auto-attack after spell is disabled.
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              Spirit Breaker Attack-Move Bug

              When using the attack move command on Spirit Breaker when encountering multiple enemies he will choose a target, attack, kill then switch targets as normal. However if he gets a bash on the enemy he will only attack until that enemy is dead. He will then stand still and neither attack the other enemies nor continue to the marked position.

              Easiest to test on camps as they have multiple creeps without interference from other creeps.
              Simply attack-move at a point that will aggro Spirit Breaker on the camp and wait until it happens.

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                Its pretty annoying. I also have auto-attack after a spell on and it still occurs.


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                  Merged threads.
                  Please, just call me buny.


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                    Spirit breaker stops attacking if he killed a unit with greater bash.

                    If you use the attack command on the ground with auto attack disabled, and Spirit Breaker kills a unit using greater bash, Spirit Breaker stops attacking, even if there are other hostile units around.


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                      Spirit breaker attack order not functioning properly

                      Spirit breakers attack order on ground should keep attacking everything until it reaches the point on the ground where the attack order was clicked on, like every other hero, right? Well it doesnt. Once spirit breakers bash triggers, spirit breaker becomes locked on that target and once that target is dead, the attack order is not carried out.


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                        Attack move command broken by Greater Bash.

                        I encountered this bug many times during my last match as Spirit Breaker in valve's 10vs10.

                        I would order my SBreaker to attack move a stacked camp of neutrals (10+ creeps).
                        As long as he did not proc Greater Bash he would normally attack-move creeps one by one.
                        But once he gets a Greater Bash proc on a creep he would finish off that creep and then just stand there, without attacking the other creeps near him.

                        Or worded differently:
                        1. order attack move to spirit breaker versus several creeps
                        2. after greater bash procs spirit breaker will finish off that target and then do nothing

                        Obviously he is supposed to continue the attack move command, but for some reason the greater bash over-rides that command.

                        Critical information is that i have ALL forms of auto-attack disabled in the options!

                        This is probably what causes that bug - greater bash probably orders an "attack" command on the proc target, which over-rides my attack move.
                        As soon as the bashed target is dead SBreaker just stands there doing nothing instead of continuing my attack-move, probably because auto-attack is disabled for me.
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                            Spirit Breaker's bash proc resets order queue

                            Title says all.


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                              I stopped playing Spirit Breaker completely because of this bug. To find that this has been reported for so many years and remains unfixed is disgraceful.