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[Confirmed] Casting Omnislash during Omnislash does not work (refresher)

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  • [Confirmed] Casting Omnislash during Omnislash does not work (refresher)

    Step 1: Cast omnislash on very tanky target
    Step 2: Refresh omnislash (refresher orb, or just test it in -wtf mode)
    Step 3: Cast omnislash again during omnislash, particularly just as the first one is about to end

    Expected: You start a new omnislash doing another 3/6/9/12 slashes from that point on
    Actual: The second omnislash does nothing, and the effect ends when the first one would

    Basically, casting omnislash while another omnislash is currently going does not refresh the duration or do anything at all besides waste mana and cooldowns

    Last edited by bu3ny; 08-21-2014, 02:04 PM. Reason: Added videos

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    do the bump


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      I think you're assuming the wrong thing should happen with the 2nd Omnislash.

      Imagine that per slash there are 30 game ticks over the entire second it takes to do. 12 slashes = 360 game ticks. So what you're saying should happen is that if you activate the 2nd Omnislash on tick 35 out of the 360 (random #), it should go back and start at 0, playing/calculating for a total of 395 game ticks?

      Why is it we can't press R, V for refresher, and then R again on Outworld Devourer within a .2-.5 second period of time, or that you can't stack the damage/effect calculation of double ravages as one "animation"?

      It's just that, animations. Probably called some crap like cast point, back swing, whatever - maybe even a combination of all these hip phrases and terms that I've never heard of except from a few random individuals within this game's community and then passed around like toilet paper rolls at marine camp outhouses back in Vietnam.

      I'm no expert on Dota or games in general but I'd hazard a guess that what should actually happen is: No queuing of 2nd/3rd/so on Omnislash (next one starts when the previous finishes) unless shift-queue is used (obviously), nothing should happen at all (as in no mana drain or cooldown added) just like every other spell. I mean, it's definitely not completely unreasonable to think it should "restart" the slashing but that's some "Yo Dawg"-level logic. Omnislashing while you omnislash cuz your Omnislash does omnislashes and lets you do other stuff besides Omnislash while you omnislash.

      Let me know when I can start overlapping my refresher nukes on other heroes, please. I wanna see one animation, one channeling of Black Hole with the damage of two being calculated at once.


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        No, thats not the issue, why would you even post here? If a spell is limited by a cast animation, it just takes an extra 0.5 seconds to cast a second time. Omnislash when used in Omnislash simply fizzles, casting properly and using up the mana cost and cooldown but having no effect. The animation goes through just fine, but the spell has been coded in a way that doesnt work